ClimateDevices and supported features - Display (only) current humidity

I am currently writing a platform for ClimateDevices.
for more details see: Innogy/RWE platform integration

So far my (real) thermostats have:

  • sensors for current temperature and current humidity.
  • set methods for target temperature and operation mode (scheduled mode or manual.
  • i have no method for setting a “target humidity”

I noticed there is a SUPPORT_TARGET_HUMIDITY feature in the climate package but as far as I understood this implies I could set a target humidity as well.
I would like my thermostats / climate devices show current temp, target temp as well as current humidity in the “popup”.

Currently i have a workaround with a separate humidity sensor - but i would prefer a integrated solution. (kinda copied this approach from the nest platform/components - haven’t found a solution in the available components)

Has anyone faced a similar issue before?
Thanks for any help.

Best regards