[CLOSED] - HACS installation failed "wget bad address"

Hello ,

On HA supervised installation , the Hacs installation using the official documentation https://hacs.xyz/docs/installation/installation#home-assistant-supervised fails as per attached screenshot " Wget bas address β€œ-”

I have not founda solution in the forum.
Any advice ?

Thank you

Has the Terminal Mode been switched to unprotected mode? The following image shows protected mode on. If on, flip it off and try again.

@gerardsamara β€” you have a space before the β€œO” that should not be there.




wget takes some options, including -q (be quiet) and -O (write the output to the following file) β€” and the - straight after than means stdout, writing the output to the terminal. The following | bash - then β€œpipes” that output to bash which executes it.

By adding that space, you’ve asked wget to get the contents of the address -, O and - (again), none of which it can find.

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Thanks @rcblackwell and @Troon for your replies.

The β€œO space” was the guilty !!!
Thanks also for the explaination of this Linux command