Cloud Update


We’re happy to announce that the Home Assistant skill is now available in Canada, UK, Germany, India and Australia! Check it out in the Amazon Alexa Skill store.

In the meanwhile, we have also been working on the Google Assistant integration. We passed the first verification and are now working with Google to do the final verification. Stay tuned!

In less than 2 weeks the open beta is about to expire. We’re still working on setting up the company and payment system so we can start accepting payments. Until we do, Home Assistant Cloud will remain free.

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No rush guys :slight_smile: - Thank you for your awesome work!


Regarding the payment system please allow accepting payment from worldwide credit card like from other country apart from Canada, UK, Germany, India and Australia.
Also if possible add like 3 months or 6 months payment 1 time. not only monthly payment.

Thank you very much.


Shouldn’t it be quite easy incorporating a payment provider? Not going to link any, but there are many out there that allow worldwide payments, easy incorporation into a website and subscription systems. Personally I prefer Paypal or something similar over creditcards and most services allow for monthly recurring payments.


Especially with the payment system :smile:


Yes, that’s what I meant. :slight_smile:


I am not sure if I understand this correctly but I am from India and when I ask Alexa to “ask home assistant to turn on the Geyser”, it reverts back with "Sorry, I cannot find a device or group called “Geyser in Sumit’s account”. My Home Assistant configuration has a working geyser and the following is enable in the configuration.yaml file


- switch.pump
- switch.geyser
- switch.motor
- switch
name: Geyser
description: Geyser

    name: Pump
    description: Pump

    name: Motor
    description: Motor

Help will be appreciated.


Why a company and not a foundation? I’m pretty sure there are many tax benefits with a foundation. And for homeassistant being an open source community project it sounds more reasonable.

(I still remember what happened to Cyanogenmod, that’s why)


Does the Home Assistant Cloud now work in Singapore?


Did you check from alexa page that the device is connected not offline. If no device then try login/logout from home assistant skill in alexa page and discover device again. When I use to control via alexa. I didn’t have to say “ask home assistant” I just say “wake word for alexa” + “turn on/off” or “enable/disable” + “device name”


Actually, it is depend on amazon account you are having whether us, uk and other country that support smart home skill from alexa and home assistant.


Thank you! It did indeed work after disabling the skill and installing it again.

I am from India and have an Indian Amazon/Alexa account.


When will we see a Cortana skill?


Cortana doesn’t seem to have a public API yet. I’ve asked the Twitters to see if we can get something going.


I would like to be involved, I have a simple Cortana skill working but integration with the connected home api would be much better!


Just activated cloud and got my devices and scenes in the Alexa app.
Easy setup. Great work, guys! :slight_smile:

However, it does not seem to update the states of my devices. Lights and switches actually turned on, shows as “off” in the Alexa app. I can still control them to a certain degree, but there seems to be a problem somewhere.
When I select a device, there is a grey bar in the top saying “There was a problem”.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Fixed in 0.64 :+1:


Would be sweet, just reading about home assistant for the first time and this was one of the first things I checked. Have cortana on iOS, My HK Invoke, and laptop so it’s with me everywhere. Was looking at using HA to replace stringify after I read today they got acquired by comcast recently.


After creating cloud account, when trying to sign in, i get 'Unknown error’
im using hassio 0.63.3 and based in Australia


Hi there,

This may like a silly question but what is the difference between this alexa skill and the emulated hue component? I have been using the emulated hue component for ages and works great, Alexa then discovers my switches or lights automatically. You wouldn’t need both of them would you?