Cloud Update


i think so yes, as you can see you have already paid the first $5


Simiar problem. I added my credit card a few weeks ago. HA now shows expired, but activ user.


It’s coming back up for some of us on the other thread related to this topic. Sign out and back in seems to be the answer now.

Edit: Also just checked in on Discord and that seems to be the consensus there as well.


Thanks👌 Works for me☺️


On thing that frustrates me is that the amount the subscription is nowhere to be found.

I went thru the whole subscription workflow and not once the amount was shown.
In Sweden this is illegal,

Where can I find info on what the Cloud serviceprovide and the cost that follows?.

I’m fine with paying for the service but it really needs to be clearer.


Its been posted a while back on what it will provide

and if you got the website it tells you the cost


This change is a shit, now I can´t use Alexa with Home assistant


try emulated hue


Why ever not??


Home assistant cloud is down. Not able to reach when trying to login after logout


Its been documented for a long time that its changing. there are alternate methods you can use
just gotta search for them


I’ve updated my payment details and my status is “active” but my subscription is “disconnected” .

I did only update the details on the 17th and the next payment is due on the 17th Nov.
Does this mean I can’t use the cloud for a whole month?


This is an issue in our UI. HA is disconnected and so it doesn’t know you paid. Please logout and log back in and all should be good :+1:


Sign out/Sign in and Boom!
It’s working again… thanks :grin:


This Sign Out/Sign In is not working for me.

My monthly trial expired a few days ago, I think on 10/16/18.

I just signed up for the paid subscription via PayPal today, 10/18/18.

I’ve done the Sign Out/Sign In move many times. The cloud expiration date moved up to 10/17/18 My next payment is scheduled for 11/18/18.

When I sign back in it says Connecting… then a few seconds later Disconnected.

Why did the subscription expiration date update one day to 10/17, a day still in the past, when I just paid on 10/18 and should be good until 11/18?

I’ve never had problems with your stuff before. Now you start charging money for a service and I finally have bugs and problems? Uh oh.


What home assistant version?


In the info page it says Home Assistant 0.68.0


they fixed an issue with payment processing in .80.2


PayPal won’t charge right away when we start the subscription, so that’s why it updates to today. When the payment is processed and charged, the subscription will be bumped by a month. If you’re on 0.80.2 it will allow you to connect already without the payment fully processed.


Since this seems to be the thread for cloud updates, I would like to request country specific pricing that considers purchasing power parity. Most subscription services do this. Netflix/GPM/Apple Music are all cheaper in countries with lower PPP. @balloob