Cloud Update


We need your help! Please help us translate the text for the store in Italian and we can submit it.


Hi @balloob

Only the words/phrases in that page needed to be translated?

I’ve done it as comment in GitHub.
Let me know if it’s ok and if you need more translations or other help.


same here can’t connect



Not sure if people are having this issue still or not, but it seems to be related to IPv6. I have IPv6 disabled at the router level, but apparently is enabled by default on my host machine OS (Ubuntu 16.04) and as a result, if a URL has an IPv6 DNS entry it tries to use that.

Once I followed these instructions for disabling IPv6 on the system altogether everything is working again and that error isn’t clogging up my logs anymore.


I’ll take a look to see if I can fix the error.



Hi everyone today my dashboard is showing this message :s"
It looks like your Home Assistant Cloud subscription has expired. Please check
your account to continue using the service.

But when I access nothing is showing to me, any clues?


You’re not the only one, this has been reported in another thread.


Can you send me the link?, havent found anything googling



Yeah must be some issue, i setup paypal yesterday and got confirmation of reoccuring debit. just logged into nabu casa and it says i’m not subscribed and to setup


Where do I setup paypal?




I don’t think I had that “Subscribe With PayPal” option


did u setup with credit card previously?

i did and i had to delete that first


I did setup credit card previously, The only option I have now is to cancel. So, I selected cancel and now it says I am subscribed until November 16, 2018, 6:00 PM and the only option I have is…


So I guess that means I was charged for the 1st month and then sent the message that my account had expired. I’ll check my credit card to make sure.


ahh, i did mine before the end of trial, thats the only difference


Just checked my card. I don’t like seeing this…


sometime i see that with my card for other transactions, i think its how they verify accounts etc



NABU CASA Website needs some updates. I should be able to manage my payment method and change it to PayPal. The only option they give me is to update the credit card info. The way it is currently it looks like I have to let my account expire and start all over to get the PayPal option.