Coffee Maker Recommendations

Long story short, my wife is looking for a real coffee maker (upgrading from a Keurig). We’re looking to splurge a little and I’m also interested in having control through HA (setup an automation to make a cup after she wakes up).

A buddy recommended the Jura S8 but it looks like there isn’t a solid integration (a lot of variables around which generation you get and whatnot).

So, just seeing if there’s anything out there (besides the one thread about pulling in the Philips 5400)

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There are integrations for coffee machines

Philips, unlike other coffee machines, requires modification of the coffee machine, you need to embed the ESP and disassemble the control panel to solder the wire, to remotely turn on and off the coffee machine, and this option does not suit everyone.

For reference. For the Philips 5400 coffee machine, the first part of the firmware is ready, the code for controlling the coffee machine has been completely rewritten, the counters have been monitored, and thanks to this, you can control the coffee machine both from the screen and from the esp. Also, we do something that no project has, this is to remotely select a recipe.

With esphome , you can do:

  • Choose a coffee drink
  • Select the desired amount of coffee
  • Select the desired volume of milk
  • Choose the strength of coffee
  • Choose ground or grain
  • Choose the number of cups 1 or 2 cups
  • Select Extra Shot

After you have selected the parameters, click make coffee. At this stage, only coffee, ground and grain were sold, the volume of coffee, it remains to finish the milk.


There are plans to implement such a list of coffee drinks. We chose the right drink, chose the right amount of coffee, milk and sent it to cooking

  • Espresso
  • Coffee on the road
  • Luingo
  • Coffee
  • Сaffe Crema
  • Ristretto
  • Americano
  • Coffee With Milk
  • Latte
  • Coffee With Milk on the road
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Сappuccino
  • Milk foam
  • Hot water

Very soon I will post a new code to control the Philips 5400 coffee machine. We plan to work with the firmware this weekend and if everything goes smoothly, I will post the code. I can still upload the code to control the coffee machine, but without remote recipe selection. So far, you can choose ground or grain and the volume of coffee


I actually did read through that entire thread yesterday and saw the large amount of work you put into figuring that all out (and sent her the link to the 5400). I did run across the two integrations for De’Longhi and Jura. The one for Jura doesn’t look to concrete as it depends on which machine you get and it doesn’t seem like there’s an exhaustive list of “confirmed to work” so it may be a dice roll.

Either way, very much appreciate the input!

Genuine question, not a criticism — is it worth linking a coffee machine to HA? Given that you have to put the cup there and pick up up when full, is there really any benefit beyond the novelty?

I can understand maintenance-related uses like refilling etc, of course.

It’s definitely not a requirement but is a nice to have. Slapping a cup in place the night before isn’t a big deal. The main use-case is that she’ll often forget to brew a cup before getting sucked into work and then will be stuck in meetings and whatnot for a few hours.

So, the idea is to brew a cup like 10 minutes after she gets up so it’s ready to go for her.


Does the machine detect the cup, or do you end up with a sea of latte if you forget to put one there the night before?

I think that depends on the machine. I did see a project where someone used a small sensor to detect whether or not a cup is present. I’ll be looking to do something similar.

I plan to integrate this into my coffee machine. I ordered a force-sensitive resistor on Aliexpress FSR402. If the cup is standing, then the coffee will be poured into the cup, if there is no cup, then the coffee will not be poured

FSR402 Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5 inch FSR for Arduino DIY KIT

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As I understand it, Jura has one protocol for everyone, there are two protocols, old and new, and jura does not change the protocol as often as philips does, where the protocol is different in each model. I know one person who connected Jura E8 successfully using this integration

Also, just to say it and this definitely is not pointed at you personally.

I could make the same argument about automating lights. All I’m saving in most scenarios is the simple flip of a switch that I’m going to walk by anyhow.

My thought around automation is that anywhere it can be leveraged to cut down on repeatedly doing the same thing is worth it. Granted, there will always be limitations (gotta put the mug in place), but it would bring the advantage of not even having to think about walking to the machine, starting the brew, and coming back after a few minutes when the brew is done. Just walk up, grab it, and go.

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Yeah, if she picks a Jura, I’ll definitely give it a go.

I’m, more or less, letting her pick whichever machine she likes the best. Finding one that works with HA is secondary to that and would just help if there’s a tie.

I like to wake up in the morning, and freshly brewed coffee is waiting for me. I don’t have to stand at the coffee machine and wait for the coffee to be ready. Coffee is not made on a timer, but exactly when I woke up. For example, when I wake up, I get out of bed and if I don’t get back to bed within 10 minutes, it means I’m awake and HA understands that I’m awake and changes my activity in the sensor from Sleeping to at Home. As soon as the sensor is triggered from Sleeping at Home, the coffee machine turns on and coffee is being prepared. After a light wash in the bathroom, coming to the kitchen, freshly brewed coffee is already waiting for me.


This looks promising…

Obviously some sort of zigbee thing.


That’s the one!!!

Wise choice. It won a prize at the 2016 London coffee festival.

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I have a deLonghi coffee machine. With Bluetooth.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely not!!! Why?

Because the only thing I would like it to do fully automated is that one cup of coffee in the morning. Open your eyes, press the button on your phone and let it make a coffee.

The machine promises to be able to do it. And yes, it is. BUT! it will start with cleaning it self. In to your morning cup. And there is no way to skip that.

If I would know this, before I did spend so much money on it, I will never buy it. One of my big purchases, I really hate.

The coffee
is excellent, but exactly this one thing ruins it all…

I think that’s the case for a few of them. I like @DivanX10s idea of using a tray and servo to mitigate that problem. Good feedback though, I appreciate it.

Does not change my hate anyhow. It costed me a big part of a month salary for this huge disappointment…

As I wrote. We did it. The project is ready and you can use it. The project itself can be viewed here

This is how the control panel of the coffee machine and the panel of parameters for making coffee drinks looks like


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So you can skip that water cleaning cycle?
Is it working only with DeLonghi Bluetooth machines or also worth wifi?