Collaborative Thermostats

Does anyone know if Home Assistant can be used to add logic to a multizone heating system?

I have a wet underfloor heating system throughout the ground floor of my home with each room (zone) being controlled by its own thermostat.

I am looking to see if a system can be configured whereby the thermostats would need to collaborate on the best time to call for heat from the boiler. In the current system all the thermostats are selfish and will call for heat only when it suits them. Since there are many factors which affect the rate of heat loss from each room I find that each thermostat will call for heat at different times meaning the total run time for the boiler over a 24 hour period is almost certainly more than it could/should be. I am sure that it must be possible for multiple thermostats to work together in deciding the most efficient run time for the boiler.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

There is no built-in component, you will have to come up with the logic. You will then build the smarts inside HA and use your thermostats as dumb devices.

Thats great. As long as I know it is technically possible within the HA framework.

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