Color support for light.template


I added a simple color support for template lights in order to support custom devices like those cheap IR controlled led strips or light bulbs. I made it work like a charm on my installation.

I made a pull request for the code :
And I also wrote documentation for the feature :

Is there any next step needed ?

It’s my first time contributing so I’m sorry if I make any mistakes :persevere:



Is this going to be introduced in a new release?

I think not only color would be nice, bud all the other functions for the light (Color temperature, Effect …etc)

This would be nice to to achieve this:


Yeah it’s a shame that PR went stale. You should reopen it!


This would make my life so much easier…pretty please, are you going to make me beg?


please also add effect :slight_smile:

@grea09 are you able to reopen so that your code can be implemented into the main home assistant branch?

Hi guys, since several weeks I tried to make validate my PR about adding color and temperature to the light template:
I think you can take my code to create a custom component meantime.


@tetienne Thank you for doing that, since I run hassio in unraid I just simply replace the light template module. With this, I was able to convert these awesome govee led strips into a addressable light component in hass with the help of a little node-red magic.

Any way you could post the actual node-red code for this? Like just export the flow for us? I would really like to play with this! Thanks!

I posted in this thread

Just bumping this thread. I’d love to be able to use a color picker on a light template!