Combivox Alarm System (Simplya)

Hi community,
I’m asking for information about a possibile integration in HA for Combivox Alarm System.
The platform has a cloud site for management and with the recent updates on the alarm central software, webhooks are going to be managed for sending specific commands.

An integration with the cloud would be great.

Thank you for your attention.


It could be really nice, by the way since 2 days ago all my integrations done with HA/Alexa/combivox are not working


Hi cristian,
in the next Combivox update it will be working with webhook. Let’s see how it will work, usually I don’t use vocal assistants as for alarm system I prefer “touching the commands” instead using the voice

BTW a native integration would be appreciated.

Let’s hope the votes will increase in number.

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Where have you read about webhooks? Only thing I know is they have been hacked and they had to reset their cloud

Webhook not from the cloud but from the local gateway Smart Web Plus

I have a combivox alarm too. it would be perfect to integrate it into a home assistant. the only way I have found, having the amica web module, is to create a web page card in the dashboard with the local combivox address…