Comcast Xfinity X-1

Sure would like Xfinity supported. The DirecTV component is great, why no Xfinity ?

There is a way to control the X1 platform, it is not local though. Makes calls to Xfinity servers. I have control over both my cable boxes. Remote button commands and text commands (voice commands). I am still beta testing. Works via MQTT or HTTP (get or post).

Verrry interesting. Would be interested in giving this a try, any plans to publish your work?

I am going to build an integration at some point if I can come up with the funds needed to spend the time on the project. I have everything working at this point. The server authenticates with your Xfinity username and passwords, gets your device data and creates tokens for each device. Then you can send commands to the X1 boxes through HTTP or MQTT. It is built as a stand alone server currently just running on a dev box of mine. I just have to build in the functions to refresh the tokens on an error and a specific interval. Sending text as a voice command has proven a useful feature for me. If I get enough request and support I believe I can get this out to the community.

This sounds awsome

Interested in an update on this integration…, thanks!

Why would you go through the trouble to post this and then not share the code or provide more details or an update? Perhaps others can finish the work and make it available? That’s the spirit of HA and OpenSource.

Xfinity has changed their authentication methods and the code no longer works. Others have been having issues with this authentication change with the Xfinity data usage sensor.

@JCGrzywna If you decide to share the code, that would increase the likely hood you got it working again. In view of the new media browser feature, this is much more interesting than ever.

Please consider the suggestion.

Make sense. Thank you for the update! @JCGrzywna

@Dansker Agreed, even if it doesn’t still work, still putting it out there for others to build on would be nice.