ComfortClick bOS

I live in a “smart” apartment, that is run by bOS (buildingOS) by ComfortClick, but they do not give me access to the control interface to interface the system to Google Home. The bOS client connects to an IP, that is publicly from anywhere. It allows to control some devices that are connected via KNX, like floor-heating and maybe the elevator too (not sure, how it is connected). It also allows to control the ventilation system. I have found a thread, that has gone cold, where a person said, that he uses a MQTT and RCP to interface to bOS, but i was hoping, that there is an easier method. If this is impossible, then let me know or please let me know, how i am able to interface with bOS with HA.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english, because i learned other language in the school. :slight_smile:

This is a very interesting topic which I wish to grow. :partying_face:
I don’t think a easy method exist in this case, because ComfortClick is not so popular to raise the interest in developing integration add-ons yet, but they have a very well built infrastructure which may change this in the near future.
For now I cannot help you in this situation. I am trying to connect the bOS server to HA via MQTT for some basic functionalities. I will reply when I’ll have some results. :slightly_smiling_face: