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I’m trying to install python and some specific python libraries in order to control a temperature sensor. I expected to be able to ssh in to the box remotely but that doesn’t seem to be how things work in HA (possibly for security?) - I’ve installed a shell but this appears in the HA interface and whilst I can install things using ‘apk add’, these installations do not survive reboot, suggesting their taking place in some sort of container or busybox installation. How do I access the actual underlying OS to install some things I need?

If you are using HAOS you can’t (well not easily).

Yes, I’m using HAOS - it seemed like the best solution but I’m regretting not installing it as a service on something I have more control of. Control being the point of all this, after all.

I have a temperature sensor that requires the editing of a file in /usr in order to function - it’s a built in module AFAIK (‘temper’) but installation requires editing a file that can’t be edited from withing HAOS! That seems like a problem.

You could make a custom component - that’s what I did with Twitter Notify …

Wait, I think I have something - I didn’t see the ‘configuration’ tab on the SSH add-on. I suspect that fiddling with this will give me what I need.

Ahh damn this thing - I’ve enabled ssh to port 22 but still, it’s some sort of fake terminal busybox nonsense and none of my changes persist from a reboot. I can make files, install programs but none of it sticks.

From the documentation:

Well, that’s a pity because that’s exactly what I need to do. They have this thing annoyingly locked down.

To be clear, this is what I’m trying to enabled:

It says I need to create a file in /usr but there’s no way I can see to do that!

Seems odd a core feature needs this …

I’d raise an issue.

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I believe you need root access on port 22222, not port 22.

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