Community Add-on: Google Assistant Webserver (broadcast messages without interrupting music)

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Wow, that was easy! Thanks! Tried getting this to work for weaks!
Is there any way to pin this solution to the top so new users will find it?

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Awesome project, nice job!
Is it possible to use this to cast YouTube/Spotify to a cast group/device on the network? From what I’ve found in the thread it doesn’t seem possible in the current implementation.
If not, would it be possible to implement with the current GA SDK?


With this add-on it is not possible, but it should work with this:

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This is no hassio addon, sadly

I ended up using @chocomega’s solution, has worked great so far!
Thanks @chocomega!

I then found this project built with Node.js, which might be an even better solution for some.

1 Like runs in Docker, addons are just “special” docker containers that can be managed through and sometimes have tighter integration with Home Assistant. Neither of those are necessary so you should be able to run pretty much any Docker container in HassOS. The easiest way is to use Frenck’s Portainer Add-on. I’m also running (in Ubuntu 18.04.1 on a VM) and the Docker container I linked to works perfectly.

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Yes, maybe this is the best solution.
But we are in the hassio-addons section
and this is not an addon

I would like to have something like this, for the 64bit version, but here all scientists and programmers, you talk as if everyone has the ability to make an addon, it’s not always like that.

Anyway, I take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful Lovelace custom card you’ve shared. Thank you!

Yes, you are right,
But I thought I would share what I ended up going with anyway, perhaps it could be of help to someone.

Thank you, glad you like them!

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I’ve been using gregs version for awhile now in a docker container, note it is not a addon. This user created a docker container awhile back but you can always create your own:

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Cool, did you use this addon/project before switching over to assistant relay? If so, are there any benefits to using assistant relay?

Im not using but gregs version supports quiet time and presets along with the usual broadcast and commands. Definitely recommend if you are using standard docker or can run your own container. Probably could turn it into a hassio addon with a few tweaks

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Okay, thanks for the info!
I’m actually not running neither, and don’t really care about docker, so might just set up assistant-relay and run it with pm2.
Thanks again!

I don’t mean to side-track this thread so maybe even if you could send a PM, but I just set up HassIO in Docker running on Ubuntu. The only way I got there was following tutorials and getting help so I still don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to Linux. The instructions for setting up the assistant-relay rely on someone knowing what they are doing! Any chance of some sort of guide? The Docker version looks like it would be handy for my setup, I just don’t have much confidence in getting it installed myself

Why would this solution be better? From the readme I didn’t notice any additional feature?

Here’s a few

  • Multi user support
  • Quiet hours
  • Presets
  • Access to audio responses
  • Ability to set locale
  • Special chars such as “åäö” work

And it’s arguably easier to set up and maintain (personal preference).

I kown it’s not possible to remove the “broadcast From [username]”… but is it possible to use the username of HA user ?

I have the same problem. Anyone who can help?

It uses the name in the account that the addon was authorized under. Personally, I have a “family” account with the name Home Assistant that I used for authorization so it says “Incoming Broadcast from Home Assistant…” I imagine the only way you could have it say different names would be to run multiple docker instances of the addon each with different ports and authorized under different users, then you would need to have whatever triggers the broadcast choose the proper endpoint to get the correct name.

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Everything was ok, but this moring, when I try : /broadcast_message?message=test
status is ok but nothing is tell by the Google Home.
Is someone else getting this issue?

edit : works again today…

Does this work with Chromecast devices (like a chromecast audio)? Currently trying to get it working and Google says the broadcast feature only works on google home’s, not chromecasts.