Community Add-on: Google Assistant Webserver (broadcast messages without interrupting music)

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@AndBobsYourUncle I have just tried once again to get this running on my HassIO install but the add-on will not start. If I click the start button a circle spins for a while then the start button goes red and I get no further. Absolutely nothing in any logs.

I’m running the default settings and created a new google_assistant.json file which is once again in the share folder. I tried to get this working months ago with the same result and left it until now to try again.

Any pointers?


Try changing the default ports. That will probably get it to start.


yep, that worked. Thanks!


I followed the instruction to install this on system. What I have is Home assistant on Hassbian.

There are a few issues I had encountered at this time.
At the step4, I can link to “[LOCAL IP]:9324” and link to Google page to get the Verification code. But when come back and paste the coed and try to go further. The browser shows “[LOCAL IP] refuse to connect”, Even though, I go to the step 5, it worked with this address “[LOCAL IP]:5000/broadcast_message?message=[MESSAGE]”

Let me point out the problem.

  1. Step 4 : authenticate with Google can’t be complete. But wording with [LOCAL IP]:5000/broadcast_message?message=[MESSAGE] at browser.
    -> But it works anyway.

  2. I don’t know what happen, now both Google home can only say broadcast if I start from HA UI, but trigger from url is still working? Any idea?
    -> I found one of Google home being switched to Do not disturb mode.

  3. How to uninstall it if I set up manually from the beginning?

Many thanks.
Sorry, I delete some http header and links below due to system tells me newcomer can only post with two links.


Did you solve?
I have the same problem: GH only speaks english no way to let it talk italian … :frowning:


Hi, I’m Italian too. You tried to set the language in the project at
and in the GoogleHome App (settings … assistant … languages … Italian (Italy).


I think I have everything set correctly in Italian.
I checked several times. Probably the only way is to eliminate all the Actions and to recreate one from the beginning.


I am having the same problem… Did you ever find a solution? My commands to control my home assistant work fine. I can ask it to turn a light on… but broadcasting does nothing. My activity however doesn’t show Google Assistant responding. Just says, “Said broadcast test”


No luck.
I deleted everything and recreated from scratch, but still does not speak Italian.
Sometimes, it doesn’t speak at all. :thinking:


This is very strange. I’m part of two groups on telegram, where there are people who have installed the addon. It works well, both with Cloud and with manual installation of google Assistant, try to join and ask for info.


Yes, I am member of both groups!!


I GOT IT! The google home needs to have the same external IP address as your home assistant, otherwise Google assumes that your Google Home is in a different location through the SDK. They are trying to prevent you from inadvertently broadcasting a message to your office or somewhere else. They want to make sure that if you broadcast from home, that your broadcasting only to the devices in your home.

I forget where I got that information… it was after a lot of google searches…


This is strange, but also a feature. Why strange, because in Google’s view, this is an app that can be used by many users (we just never publish it). You could authenticate to my instance of this webserver and in this case, you’d not receive the broadcast because I’m hosting this app in a different location with a different IP. Unless the IP is something that is sent to google as part of the API call. This is actually an issue for me because I was going to run this web server in a different location and it didn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:
@AndBobsYourUncle is this IP limitation something that can be easily solved or is that check performed at Google’s side?


Yeah. It is strange. I feel like this is an issue that the developers experienced and thought others might experience the same problem… From my reading on it, it looks like this is done on the Google server side and they are still ironing it out. Seems like they should allow you to set the location of the app for the SDK call so that it knows which Google Home’s to broadcast to. Here was the key thread that explained the issue:


not a simple fix, but a workaround would be to run your remote webserver through a vpn to the same network that your google home is on or vise-versa. :confused:


Not a big deal, I moved the container back to the same host which hosts Home Assistant. Since all those containers are supposed to work for my home, if I lose internet connectivity, I won’t benefit from having an ability to broadcast to the minis, because they’ll be offline. This was also part of the reason why I moved Home Assistant back home from a 3rd party hosting location. No internet - no smart home. At least now it’s semi smart home without internet. Anyway, I only just switched from Alexa to 3 Google Minis and I’m liking room awareness a lot! I wish I could direct the broadcast to a chromecast in the room I am in (that is, home assistant could ‘scope’ the broadcast to a single mini). I doubt that’s possible yet?


again dont know why but broadcast stopped working… no errors… google my activity shows assistant said broadcasting and the message but nothing…


yeah. it’s a shame so many devices are cloud dependent :-/ for the google home it makes since though… you would need some hardware to process the neural network to figure out what you are trying to say and it google assistant wouldn’t be able to get smarter if it didn’t have access to all of the data we are sending it.

A quick google search showed this work around to broadcast to specific devices. If HA knows where you are, and if you can set up multiple versions of this notify addon you could get it to work. The question is, is it worth the setup time? Especially if GH eventually sets this feature up.


I’ll leave it for now. Broadcast to all GH is better than not being able to broadcast anything on Alexa. Though it seems like Alexa could handle my commands better… as if it heard me better.


You could always programatically put the assistant devices in/out of Do Not Disturb mode (basically put every device into DND that you don’t want to broadcast to) but that’s a bit hackish.