Community Add-on: Paradox Alarm Interface

I also open my garage door using a voice command with my iPhone and Home Assistant Companion but I don’t see how to arm or disarm the alarm?

With latest HA version, 2024.6.x, something has changed in alarm panel where you cannot arm or disarm without a code, while it was possible until 2024.5.x

This post is full of people with same error from various alarm integration or addon.

While when you defne a manual, template or mqtt alarm panel you can add a code_arm_required option set to false to bypass it, in the integration/addon alarm panel, you cannot.

My question is if this is something that has to be solved by HA team or not…
Or if there is a workaround


@woody4165 I have just tried and yes I got the same. So that messes up my watch and CarPlay actions!

However disarm doesn’t require a code. And I have noticed if you use the mushroom alarm card, when you arm, it comes up with a keypad to enter the code and that works for some reason.

@woody4165 I found this:

I can confirm it works! Go to your partition (s) and enter the code! That’s it!

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Very easy, but not easy to find.

Is there a way to have the code inserted every time, instead of updating the Default code field?


@woody4165 If you mean you want to enter the code every time to arm and disarm, then use the mushroom alarm panel. But then you would have to remove the code in default that was just entered.

Now that the code has been entered in the default, the mushroom card does not give the keypad option and doesn’t require a code.

I am not sure how do it through mqtt way.