Community Highlights: 12th edition

The 12th edition of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some interesting things popped up around our community, we thought was worth sharing.

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Blueprint of the week

Do you have a number of domain names and would you like to track when an SSL certificate expires? Then you could try bkbilly’s blueprint that automatically sends you a notification when a sensor exceeds your set threshold value. Try it out!

Also, take a look at the Blueprint Exchange for more inspiration!

Birthday cake

Happy birthday to adlawton! 🥳 For his birthday, his wife baked this great Home Assistant cake and also gave him a Home Assistant Blue.

My wife decided to bake me a cake to go along with my birthday present this year. Can't wait to fire this thing up! from r/homeassistant

Hopefully, the cake tasted delicious and have fun with your Blue!

ePaper display

maxmacstn shared a really cool project on our Home Assistant subreddit page. It allows you to display sensor data from, for example, a room on an ePaper display. It works with ESPHome and you can also neatly finish this with a 3D printed case.

My DIY E-Paper Sensor Display from r/homeassistant

Hass Workstation Service

For those who would like to read their webcam status on a Windows machine, there is finally a solution! sleevezipper has written a program that you can install on windows and that can send data to your Home Assistant instance over MQTT, in the background as a service.

You can finally switch the lights automatically when you are in an online meeting 😉

Note: If you’re on MacOS, you can achieve the same using the Home Assistant Companion app for MacOS.

Smart pet feeder

Would you like to automate feeding your pets? Then try the project of Sokolsok, who has turned it into a very cool project with its own PCB and 3D printed design.

You can read more about this project via this website.

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Really want to build that pet feeder one, sad the PCB is out of stock :open_mouth:

Give me a few days, a new batch of PCBs is on the way :slight_smile:

IOT Link was a bust. Fingers crossed for sleevezipper!!

Indeed, I’m going to try out sleevezipper too instead of iotlink.

What’s the problem with IOT Link? I’ve been using it for awhile, mainly for startup/shutdown and launching a few programs remotely, but haven’t had any real issues with it. What would be the advantage to switching over?

PCB is available in my store if you are interested

I’m tring out the HASS workstation and for now it is working great.
For my home office computer I’m using a microphone sensor in order to mute the radios when I’m getting a call or a Teams meeting is happening.

I used IOT Link before but there is still a problem when the computer started from standby.

About the HASS workstation service: Is there a similar thing for Linux systems?