Community Highlights: 6th edition

It has been waaay too long since we had a Community Highlights blog.

Honestly, it is my fault. And then the month of “What the heck?!” happened, and one of the raised WTH topics was:

Where are the “Community Highlights”?

Bas, and all the voters on that WTH topic, let’s resolve that WTH topic right now!

A nice way of closing our birthday week by showing some cool things our community does while resolving a WTH. 🥳

A nice side project

OmegaX-NL shared a nice little project on our subreddit, that really fits the new style of working that many of us have to adapt too during this pandemic.

It looks great, OmegaX-NL! Does it work for the kids?

Nice side project! from r/homeassistant

Illuminate your stairs

A regularly recurring project is the illumination of the stairs. It can give a nice, futuristic touch to your home. Good illumination of the steps also greatly improves safety.

Winter is coming, daylight will become shorter; it might be the time to take care of some proper lights on the stairs outside.

JayBigGuy shared an excellent blog article on building stairs connecting his driveway with the deck, of course, full of smart lights.

A scan of the sketch/idea of what Jay had in mind of building.

And this is the end result, nice job there Jay!

Jay was not the only one, debsahu added some lights to the deck steps as well!

Decks lights are in. It blinks now. Powered by #esp32 @esphome_ and controlled by @home_assistant

— Debashish Sahu, PhD (@debsahu) August 9, 2020

Thermostat with a wow factor

Thingsbeliketheydo shared probably one of the prettiest thermostats I’ve ever seen. Using an old cell phone and a frame from the dollar store, he turned Lovelace into a beautiful thermostat. 🤩

DIY Fireplace Thermostat with Shelly from r/homeassistant

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Hi, Franck!
As I remember ESPHome honored attention in the community highlights, but You, Otto and band released the version 1.15 with a bunch of grates features like:

  • New dashboard
  • Prometheus support
  • MAX7219 8x8 display module support
  • Rttl Buzzer
  • component.update action
  • and so on

Worthy of mention in a separate celebrate post! :wink:

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Yes but…

I assume those bars are red and green for online/offline?
They are completely useless if you are colour blind…

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I have to agree with you on that one. Would be greate to also have a symbol or some text indicating if the esp is online or offline

Hmm, you didn’t put much effort into this one, did you?

The “Dad Status Panel” thing
a) doesn’t use Home Assistant
b) wasn’t made by u/OmegaX-NL

Of course one could make something similar using HA, and it’s an inspiring post, but why include it in a “Community Highlight” when it’s got nothing to do with HA?

It was posted in r/homeassistant. Who was the original author?

Why such a nasty comment?

Yes, that is why it says “shared” and not created.


So, the community highlights is about things that are shared, interesting, unique, amazing, inspirational, unusual or funny across the Home Assistant communities we have. These community highlights posts pick from those and try to be inspirational.

It was included because it was shared on the Home Assistant subreddit and actually the top upvoted item, 1.2K upvotes in our subrreddit, of all time! I think that shows how much it inspired the Home Assistant community in our subreddit, hence shared it here.

Wow thanks m8! That is a really nice comment to wake up too and start my day with. :cry:
I think you could have brought that up, without being condescending though.


Thanks for the inspiration!