Where are the "Community Highlights"?

I really liked the “Community Highlights” inside of the “In Other News” section of the release notes. However, at some point it moved to its own blog post because there was too much to cover:

A bit unfortunate, since there is so much cool stuff to be found!

Unfortunately, these posts didn’t evolve into a habit (the last one is 5 months old), so I would like to propose to bring back the old style of having some cool Home Assistant uses in the release notes.

What do others think?

Going to vote for this one, and blame myself :cry:


I think our release notes have a lot in them already so I think a seperate post is the ebst. Frenck is a busy man. I liked them as well but its not his top priority. THough I believe he enjoys them as well :smile:

Would love for someone to pick it up. Doesn’t have to be a core dev. Want to do an issue Bas? Maybe we can get a pool of people that can round robin it.


Sure, that sounds like fun! What would be a good platform to collaborate on it? Are the blog posts in a private repo now?

Well a system like this with a forum topic (with a short write up) and voting at the top would be good!

Then those could be pooled up each month for example by someone into a blog post

Nope, all part of the home-assistant.io repository. I guess Discord would be the best place to hook up.

i will love to help on that… after all i do a lot of write up’s for my work already :sweat_smile:

And voila!