Compatibility with Cecotec conga robot vacuum?


Someone has any Conga vacuum controlled with HA? I searched the web trying to find if they have MQTT but without luck. I am doubting between Conga 3090 (299 in Amazon right now) and the Xiaomi S50 and compatibility with HA is a must.

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Hi there!

I have the same robot Cecotec 3090. It would be nice to hear something about how controlling it with HA

It seems that Cecotec is adding google home compatibility for the 3090, maybe it will be easy to include in HA then. They say in one or two months it will be compatible.

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I don’t think so… maybe with the new code, we will have any possibilities to adapt the “older” one

Hi, I have heard that now it’s compatible with Google Home. So I guess that now it’s possible to connect our conga 3090 to home assistant. Any idea or any tutorial in internet?.
I found nothing…


The 3090’s Google integration is a bit strange.
You have to add “Robot Conga” found under the explore section of Google Assistant (not under add devices of Google home).
Instead of appearing as a device it operates as a chatbot, so you have to say exactly: “Hey Google, Ask robot conga to start/stop cleaning” or “Ask robot conga to charge”.
You can then set up a custom routine in Google home such as:
When I say - Start cleaning, Clean the floor, floor needs cleaning
Assistant will - Ask robot conga to start cleaning, Say: Ok cleaning started

An interesting option for HA could be emulating the supplied remote which seems to use some basic 2.4gHz protocol, similar to something like ZigBee or milighs

If this is so in Alexa too you can use for Alexa the Alexa_Mediaplayer to control the Conga. As a first step. :wink:

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I´m going to try with Assistant Relay

Hi all,

Is there any news about this?. I tried to find out a solution but nothing comes to my mind…

Maybe this? -->