Compatibility with warmup?

Is there a component I can install that is compatible with a WarmUp Floor Heating Thermostat?

I am new to Home Assistant, but have managed to get all Insteon, Nest, Sprinklers & IP Cameras working with HADashboard, but I would like to add control of my WarmUp 4iE thermostats.

Can anybody assist?

I found this integration for Smart Things. Is this something somebody can turn into a home assistant component?

Anybody willing to assist with this?

I am looking for solution as well

Same here. Has anyone made any progress on this? A relatively low response due to the technology being mainly used in the UK.

Anyone make any progress with this?

Look here:
Inspired by the code from the SmartThings i have created a basic version of a custom component.
It has not been widely tested, but works well on my system. Maybe it is useful for others too.


@alex_0103 did indeed manage to integrate the Warmup 4IE thermostat with Home Assistant, and I think there were quite a few people using it, but unfortunately HA developed to the point where that component broke. Although Alex has been too busy to focus on this, @foxy82 stepped in and coded up not only a working version, but with enhancements too. If anyone would like to make use of, test or even collaborate on an integration for Warmup thermostats, then please check out

It’s still only a custom component for now, but perhaps with your input we can manage to get this ready for inclusion into the main codebase. Issues and Wiki now active on the repo. Try it and let us know.



Really interested in this, however I get an error when I validate the configuration file…

"Platform error climate.warmup - cannot import name 'SUPPORT_AWAY_MODE' from 'homeassistant.components.climate.const' (/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/climate/"

Do you have any idea what is causing this?

Many thanks for any help you can give :slight_smile:

Hey - I don’t think you are using our code found here: ?

Is this component still functioning? would love to get my Warmup floor integrated into HA

I am still using this component, although I may be a few versions behind on my Home Assistant installation. Please try it using the instructions at and report any Issues via github. Thanks

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Are there some examples of how to actually tell the thermostat to turn on with this integration?

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread.

@foxy82 - Are there any plans to introduce support for the Warmup 6iE? It’s an option suggested to replace a Devireg controller I currently have and one web page suggests that the 4iE has been discontinued.

Hey - did you try it yet?

I’ve not got a warmup 6iE and have no plans to get one - so unless someone wants to send me one I won’t be able to help. That being said it uses warmups webservice so it might just work if they’ve kept the same functions.

I haven’t got one yet - it’s a possible to buy though. They seem to have a host of pre-canned ifttt integrations to hook in to Alexa/Google assistant so worst case that would be another jump.

I’ll let you know how I get on if I do get one.

I have just got two 6iE’s and it works just fine with the integration. Happy to test any specifics & validate anything if required.

That’s good to hear - I’ve ordered one but it turned up DOA so going through a returns process at the moment.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks @sjc.hickey

Thanks @artmg @foxy82 for this amazing work, it works for me for the 4IE. And with Homebridge, it enables the access in HomeKit !

If i’m running HA on a virtual machine manager in synology (supervised) will I be able to use this integration? I can’t install it via hacs etc of course.

Thank you