Compatible smart plug with energy monitor

Hello there,
I am interested in buying another smart plug with energy monitoring, I have the Xiaomi Zigbee one but as it has the China plug, I need an adaptor, and togherer they are a little bit too big.
I have also a SONOFF plug, but it comes without energy monitoring.

I was lookng to something with native EU plug and not so big (like This ) but it is not directly compatible with HomeAssistant.

Is there anything similar? And moreover: what’s the most updated tutorial for flashing Tasmota on my Sonoff Plug?

Thanks in advance

SONOFF does sell a smart socket with energy monitoring. I purchased one and it’s been working fine.
Model: Sonoff S31

How about

Edit: when/if support comes to HA, will be an alternative.

I have two S31’s myself flashed with Tasmota of course. They work great!

Thansk for your replies.
I’ve managed to add cheap Houzetek smart plugs (From Amazon).
They are managed using SmartLife App or, better, using Tuya app and so they can be added natively to home assistant.

Thanks again anyway

Hello @CapitanCatarro,

could you please show how you added those plugs to HomeAssistant and how are you getting energy monitoring info as sensors?

Thank you.

I am waiting for Shelly Plug S. ( It has energy monitor and native mqtt support.

so, for adding them to HomeAssistant is pretty easy, be sure to have at least HA 0.8, then register a Tuya account with the app, and after that just follow

Unfortunately I don’t think it is possible to have energy monitor info as sensor… at least I don’t know how… sorry

Hi @CapitanCatarro,

thank you for the info. I was looking for a plug with energy monitor as you, but it’s anyway cool to know you were able to add those cheap smart plugs, thank you!

@n1k5y could just have solved our issues, thank you too for the nice info!

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I just got my Shelly plug s, did you integrate it in HA?
I’m interested in the Power meter

got it working, here is my configuration for the power meter:


  • platform: mqtt
    name: “LavastovigliePM”
    state_topic: “shellies/shellyplug-s-376E4C/relay/0/power”
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Any new european plugs on the market delivering power statistics to HA?

I have a Broadlink sp3-s. Works great, local API so no cloud like Tuya

TP-Link HS-110 works flawlessly with Home Assistant. They work flawlessly, much more stable than previous Broadlink I had used before, and they’re pretty cheap too.

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I have the UK version of these

They can be flashed OTA with Tasmota (so no soldering) and do energy monitoring

The TP-Link has got a local API?

Not sure if it’s a public API or not, but my HS110 is controlled by Home Assistant locally, without any cloud involved (besides initial setup).

2 european zigbee plugs with energy monitoring: Innr SP 120 and Schwaiger ZHS15.
Schwaiger is very good, it also has the total comsumption in the metering cluster. They also have Zwave version ZHS13.

Jus to make sure I’m getting the right thing, is this the process and product you are referencing?


Yes I used the TuyaOTA to flash them without opening them up. They work great.