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Compile error installing numpy


Not sure if I’m in the right spot to get help with this issue but I’ll give it a shot. If anyone has any hints to get me through this I’d be most appreciative. Linux noob here so type slow, but I do take directions well!

I’m trying to install this custom component.

When I try to install the required dependencies it fails on installing numpy with a compile error. I have also tried to install numpy on its own and I get the same error as outlined in the link below. Anyone have any ideas where the problem lies?


Have you figured this out yet?

In general, if a component is written correctly, it will list its requirements in a statement that defines a REQUIREMENTS variable. Then, when HA loads the component, it will automatically install the required packages. You shouldn’t have to do that manually.


No I had to put it aside for now. I got as far as figuring out how to run pip from python3 and getting it to run. The install package does download all the dependencies then it fails after installing a couple of them. At first it was numpy, last couple times it was pillow. If I was better with linux in general I could probably figure it out but I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around the whole docker/container/virtual environment thing and then using HASSOS complicates everything on top of that. Can’t afford to spend any more time on it.

I believe this is the author’s first HA component, so it wouldn’t be shocking if there were some issues with it. I was interested in using it if/when it gets pulled into HA so I thought I’d lend a hand and help test it out. Have resigned myself to sit back and wait for his PR to go through but it doesn’t look like there’s been any action on it for a few while now.