Reviewers needed: Environment Canada component with weather, sensor, and camera (radar) platforms


I’ve submitted my first major pull request, and I’d really appreciate it if more experienced contributors could spare a few minutes to review it.

It’s new code to leverage leverage Environment Canada weather data, and includes weather, sensor, and camera platforms, along with a simple component to pull them all together.

Thanks in advance!


How is the progress for this component going? Looking forward to its release.


It’s all running fine locally, but to be honest I’m a bit stuck on getting it merged into the project. A large part of this is my lack of familiarity with Git, but there’s also been a bit of back and forth about whether there should be a component or not. Thanks for your interest, and I’ll try to move it forward.


Thanks for the reply.

The core team has been quite busy with their October bug and tidy blitz. I sure hope they can give you some priority now at least for some kind of Alpha release…

I would be pleased to try it here and provide feedback. I run Hassio on a Pi3+ and pretty much push it to its limits. Could be a good test for the component’s tolerance to problems. I’m not sure that I’d give the camera component much priority but the individual sensors and weather aggregate would both get a real-world workout here.

You’ve done very well with a fairly steep learning curve from what I can gather of the GH chronology. Keep up the great work!


For the radar component i use the following and it works quite well with lovelace as well.


  • platform: generic


name: “Ottawa radar”


Hi Michael,

What’s happening with your component?
Can we download and install it separately while the Home Assistant team approves it?

I really want the environnement canada data as it is the only one I trust.

Best regards,

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