[Component] Control4 Integration


A set of custom components to allow integration of Control4 lights, thermostats, security systems and media volume into Home Assistant!

Full details in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/lawtancool/homeassistant-control4

This is currently very beta stage, but appears to work reliably with my setup. I’m not exactly a programmer and mostly cobbled this code together by copying other Home Assistant components, so contributions are welcome!

Currently working:
Lights: on/off, brightness control (coming very soon, just finishing up testing)
Thermostats: ambient temperature display, mode display (but not changing), target temperature changing
Security System: view state (Disarmed, Armed Home, Armed Away)
Media volume: change volume of media in a Control4 room zone

To install the Control4 driver needed for this to work (https://github.com/itsfrosty/control4-2way-web-driver), you need to have access to Control4 Composer Pro (not HE) and a controller (tested on OS 2.9, 2.10). If you currently don’t have Composer Pro on your machine, Google is your friend.

This is based on https://github.com/itsfrosty/homeassistant-control4 , but I added/fixed thermostat, security, and media volume control.

This component is tested working on Home Assistant 0.79.3, and should work on older versions as well.

Integration with 3rd party dimmers

Gonna test this out! Thanks for sharing.