Composite Device Tracker Platform

Im fine really, my wishes above are in no way crucial

for the sake of being 100% clear: no, I am not referring to the icon interface here, but to the image interface we get when we click ‘Afbeelding wijzigen’ (change entity picture/image).

I understand. But what I meant was, the example you gave was not showing an image file, but an MDI, which is different.

uhm yes it was?
this is the configuration for the picture:

and this is how it shows in the Areas overview:

click through to the actual Area

not here to argue though, so please keep it as you desire.

Ok, I got confused because you also had an icon selected, which is MDI (and I don’t read Dutch, and I’ve never used that feature for an area.)

So, that is somewhat equivalent to the file upload option I already added, albeit it doesn’t show a previously uploaded image file, nor does it show a new image if you select one (it just shows the file name.) So, for areas, that must be a special frontend function. The standard file upload selector apparently doesn’t do that. And, again, I don’t know how to make it do so, if there is a way. I suppose I can look at the area config flow code to see what it does, but no promises.

Released 3.4.0b1
Released 3.4.0

Enhance “last seen” attribute processing to allow a datetime string format. Basically, these attributes (last_seen or last_timestamp) can be any one of the following:

  • a naive Python datetime object which is assumed to be in HA’s configured time zone
  • an aware Python datetime object in any time zone
  • anything homeassistant.util.dt.utc_from_timestamp will accept (after being converted to a float)
  • anything homeassistant.util.dt.parse_datetime will accept

Also, back out support for last_located (added in 3.4.0b0) since iCloud3 is being changed to provide a last_timestamp attribute that satisfies the above.