ConBee ZigBee Stick and HA, will this work together?

For those interested in sniffing zigbee packets…

My $8 zigbee sniffer. I’ve used a Xiaomi wireless switched, flashed the firmware and voilla:


I don’t understand, in HASS I just noticed that it detected a “Hue” gateway. I configured it and now I can pilot my raspbee from HASS!

Is that expected? What is the difference with what you described?

(sorry I’m quite at a loss :D)

Yes, this is expected. Deconz supported in hue component but only for lighting as far as I know. But Deconz supports much more than just lighting.

You are right. What I did however was enabling motion sensors and switches. If you don’t use those devices there is no need to use mqtt / node-red.

FYI, Dresden Elektronik have offered to donate RaspBee and ConBee hardware to developers of Home Assistant if they would like to implement native support for them (to use without seperate DeConz bridge), see comment from manup here:

ConBee is the USB-variant of the RaspBee.


I see some traffic coming to my blog from this link, so just wanted to link my two guides that are about setting up Conbee in Home Assistant (with Trådfri lights) and setting up a Trådfri motion sensor to work in Home Assistant with Node Red as middleman to ensure immediate updating of sensor status (otherwise it takes about 30 s for the state to switch).
The guides are in Swedish (sorry :frowning: ), but there are pictures / screenshots for every little thing and Google Translate should work well for you to understand the rest.

Just one question. Is your PI in headless mode?
Is it required to have X11 to run REST API?

The Pi used in the guide has Pixel desktop, so not headless (due to the blog being oriented primarily to people who are relative beginners, it is often convenient to have the desktop available).
Once configured, though, you have no need to really interact with the deCONZ desktop app at all.
(Not sure, however, if it is possible to do more advanced stuff like firmware update for bulbs exclusively via the rest api, I am going to look into it soon).

It is possible to run deCONZ in headless mode (without X11) as well, see this Github thread:
I personally have not tested it, but I seem to recall that it worked fine for at least one of my readers.

And no, you don’t need X11 to interact with the rest api at all.

Here it is

As mentioned before It’s NOT DONE but since many would like to play then here it is.


Wow that’s a lot of development, I may buy this dongle for my Pi that actually runs HA
do you know if it is possible to do OTA updates for different brands with this?
I have an osram plug and an ikea tradfri that needs update and I don’t want to buy gateway to only update devices

You can do OTA to IKEA, not possible for Philips and idk for Osram.

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Has anyone managed to use this inside a docker container? Also, using only the web interface, how can we add xiaomi sensors?

@abmantis when you say this what do you mean by that ? I run Home assistant in a docker containter so the customer_module i developed runs in that. To add sensors you need to run deConz software, open network (done in deConz) and depending on the sensor turn it or in some cases do a reset of the sensor. What kind of sensor are we talking about also what do you have ConBee or RaspBee ?

I want to run deconz software inside a container.

Yeah, I can see the sensor when using the deCONZ app, but not through the web interface.

@abmantis i am not sure you can run it since it requires desktop but ask on the github project.

regarding the sensor not showing in the web interface i presume you mean the REST API. Check Erik’s comment here for example and the same goes many places if you look thru the issues on the github project.

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I’ve quickly wrote a simple GUI for the Rest API to get some config infos, permit join, rename and delete sensors. You can find it on my github.

@abmantis - I’ve managed to include Xiaomi Sensors by permit join, then click on the small button on the sensor for about 3 seconds - as soon as the led lights up stop clicking the button. Then they should be joined.


I’ve tried that, but they don’t show on the REST plugin webpage. They do appear on the Deconz app, but not on the web.

I’ll try your GUI! Thanks for sharing :wink:

My sensors also don’t show up on the deconz webapp - that’s why I wrote this simple tool. I think the official webapp is only for their lightning products.


Ohhhhh ok! They do show on your GUI!
I think they should show on the webapp because I’ve read somewhere that they do…