ConBee ZigBee Stick and HA, will this work together?

@abmantis why do you want to get your devices in deConz Web UI ? I have never used it, i don’t see the purpose for it when you have Home Assistant.

Since I want to run deconz headless, I needed a way to add devices, and though that the web ui was the only way. With @Romanski GUI I can get around that. I could also do the REST requests myself.
So yeah, I don’t need the web ui.

Good that’s what i was expecting :wink:

By the way, is there any way to pair a device with two gateways? For example, having a sensor paired with the Xiaomi gateway and the Raspbee simultaneously.

No thats not possible.
You could pair it with the Xiaomi Gateway and sniff the packets using another receiver, somehow this would be some kind of read only. Don’t know what you want to accomplish anyway.

I would like to keep some sensors connected to the Xiaomi gateway, but also directly to Deconz. The Xiaomi system would serve as a backup if HA fails, for example. But I can live without that lol

Been following this thread with eagerness. Loving the work done so far. I’m running deconz on a headless server too, so don’t use the deconz GUI but the REST plugin. However, is it just me - I cannot get it to recognize or connect the Tradfri light bulb. It may be that my bulb is on the old firmware, I don’t actually have the IKEA gateway to check. I can connect my dimmer to deconz fine but I’m either misunderstanding or not able to connect the bulb. Anyone else had that?

@simonporter007 i don’t have any issues and i have over 40 IKEA lights paired with deConz, which version are you running ? I ask the obvious, do you open the network and then power on the light ? Have you tried to reset the light e.g power cycle 10 times then open network and power on the light ?

I’ve tried upgrading deconz to the .78 version. I am running the beta ubuntu version, don’t know if that matters. I open the network for 10 minutes, just in case I was missing my window, hold the light ridiculously close to the USB with it turned on. I didn’t cycle it 10 times actually, only 6 - where it gives a sort of flash and then stays on. I will try with 10, maybe thats the ticket. You also sound like you open the network and then turn the light on, I’ve been just opening the network with the light already on and holding it close. I’ll try your suggestions, thanks.

Yeah it’s 6 times, that is correct, as long as the light flashes then you are good. It’s crucial that you open the network then turn on the light.

Thanks @donnib I got it working as you said, the key was to open the network and then switch the bulbs on (I totally misunderstood that part) and also my systemd service was incorrect, it was running as my user rather than root. Sorted those two out and I now have the dimmer and bulb connected in deconz. Let the tinkering begin! thanks again.

FYI; All developers from the Home Assistant community (as well as developers from other open source home automation projects too) can request to the documentation for the native serial UART protocol for ConBee and RaspBee adapters here:

After you request the docummentation @manupu will then simply be given access to their private repository that so far only contains a link to the documentation serial UART protocol for ConBee and RaspBee adapters (“deCONZ Serial Protocol”):

This in turn only contain a link to a PDF-documentation on website containing the written documentation. Reason why this documentation is only provided upon request and not posted in public is that they don’t want to have to offer support to non serious developers.

Do you have any more info on that zigbee sniffer? Seems awesome and I want to build one!

  • google translate (unless you can read french of course :slight_smile: )


I use a usb deconz and it works great with only installing the deb packages for raspbian. For the moment it’s not connected to my HA, but with the web interface it’s working very well. As there’s an api for the moment I will use this. But it will be very interesting to use the uart directly for HA.

If needed I have osram lights, and I can test a future component for HA and deconz.

I’ve just gotten my conbee and installed decent rest-api. It doesn’t seem to find any devices, any steps I should make sure to make to get this going?


Hi Robban,

From what I know you’ll just have to install the deb file for deconz. No need to compile rest api as it’s already done in the deb package.

For discovering light, in my case osram, you’ll have to to switch off all the devices , then open your network from your web deconz interface and switch on the lights. When the lights blinks a short time they are in the zigbee network.

For the moment I decide to make a shell_command to control zigbee lights over deconz api by HA. Then I use in HA a template light.
Everything is ok but I have to get the status of the light and don’t know how to do. I can get the status by deconz API but HOw in template send the status.

If someone know ?

Thanks @Sellig28!

I haven’t debugged it any more but I’m pretty certain it is because of the ftdi driver being loaded

Has anyone been able to get it to work in a docker container?

deCONZ just does not find my ConBee stick even though the device itself is available in the container…

Just in case it’s a little bit ugly but I succeed using osram lights with deconz with:

  • HA (home assistant) mqtt json light

  • a bash script used as service

  • mosquitto client or equivalent

  • last deconz packqge with rest/api included.

  • json query bash package




while read MSG;
if [[ "$MSG" != "" ]]
TOPIC=$(echo "$MSG" | awk '{print $1 }')
DEVICE=$(echo "$TOPIC" | awk -F '/' '{print $4 }')
BRIGHTNESS=$(echo "$MSG" | awk -F "\ " '{$1="";print $0}' | jq -r '.brightness')
WHITE_VALUE=$(echo "$MSG" | awk -F "\ " '{$1="";print $0}' | jq -r '.white_value')
STATE=$(echo "$MSG" | awk -F "\ " '{$1="";print $0}' | jq -r '.state')
mosquitto_pub -r -t "$mqtt_state_topic/$DEVICE" -m '{ "state": '"\"$STATE\" }"
light_cmd $DEVICE $STATE

if [[ $DEBUG == "debug" ]]
echo "$MSG"
echo "TOPIC: $TOPIC"
echo "state: $STATE"
echo "bright: $BRIGHTNESS"
echo "white: $WHITE_VALUE"

done < <(mosquitto_sub -v -t "$mqtt_cmd_topic" -q 1)

local DEVICE=$1
local CMD=$2
if [ "$DEVICE" == "salon" ]
if [ "$DEVICE" == "sejour" ]

if [ $CMD == "ON" ]
if [[ ( "$BRIGHTNESS" != '' && $STATE == "ON" ) ]]
if [[ "$BRIGHTNESS" != 'null' ]]
curl -s --request PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"on":true,"bri":'"$BRIGHTNESS"'}' "http://$GATEWAY:8080/api/$API/groups/$DEVICE/action" > /dev/null
curl -s --request PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"on":true}' "http://$GATEWAY:8080/api/$API/groups/$DEVICE/action" > /dev/null

if [ $CMD == "OFF" ]
curl -s --request PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"on":false}' "http://$GATEWAY:8080/api/$API/groups/$DEVICE/action" > /dev/null



example of light:

- platform: mqtt_json
  name: "Salon"
  state_topic: "ha/lights/state/salon"
  command_topic: "ha/lights/cmd/salon"
  brightness: true
  retain: true
  qos: 1
  white_value: true

Some remarks:

  • The light_cmd function need manual action to be functional (same name and numbers as your groups)
  • I don’t have any rgb zigbee so if you need you can add it
  • the state works well until no physical switch (perhaps need to poll regularly to know the pysical state, possible with deconz api)
  • white value are not sent for the moment.

I know it’s not the best, it’s better to have a serial interface directly, but I don’t know doing that.