ConBee ZigBee Stick and HA, will this work together?

Hi, I’ve been offline for some time.
I can see that is has been a lot of good response, so I’ll have some reading to do.
Thanks every one for posting.


Hi guys!

I’ve put up a PR for a Deconz component, still a work in progress though. Would love for some feedback.


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@Robban So i have seen your PR, it doesn’t seem you used any parts from my component. Right ? I am not sure how much is supported, i think you should be more specific, what works and what doesn’t work and how things are supposed to work. I suggest to document something like i did on my component which you know the link to.

Another user has taken my component and also did what i wished i had done, he has a Py library here : and the component here :

Essentially it would be best to merge all together, not sure if that’s feasible. I will at least look at his changes and see if i can pull them into my module since it made the component better.

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Hi @donnib

Just as with the Axis component, I do this to learn so I chose not to use any parts directly from your implementation so far. But since I don’t have all light hardware, I might look at how you’ve supported specific brands and devices.

I will create component documentation for the hass homepage as is required for all new components. In the end it is not much to configure for the component so it will be quite short, possibly with an example or two.

Supported devices:

  • Lights, dimmable but able to set temperature or color right now. Exposed as a light.
  • Motion detectors. Exposed as binary sensor.
  • Remote controls. Exposed as sensor.

Haven’t decided if I should add support for groups and scenes yet.

Ok, thats great. What did HerrHofrat do?

Try the PR and have a look in the code and tell me what you’d like done different. Or works better with your implementation. Or a patch. We can talk on Discord or somewhere if you’d like.


Hi there! I created a python library from donnib’s inital sources and built the home assistant sensors around it. I only have tested with xiaomi sensors at the moment. Buttons, PIR & Light and Door Sensors are working fine with it. I just did not open a PR because I want to wait for someone to test the light implementation and for the temperature sensors to arrive.

Seems like your library only supports ZHAPresence and ZHASwitch. Would be good if it supports all sensor types.

Agree all sensors type are required at least for me. My module albeit simple supports all of those that i need. Also without groups i can’t use the components since turning on 10 lights thru REST is really bad practice so groups are a must for me. Scenes has not been a priority for me since i use scenes in HA.

I can make you the groups available in my custom component - they should already get loaded over deconz_py, but are not yet used in the light component. Would be awesome if we could collaborate on that!

You’re talking about ZHALight right? If you can validate the implementation
it shouldn’t take many minutes to add support for it.

I looked in your code, so the type is ZHAOpenClose, and the state ‘open’?

Are there any more types not documented?

No problem, group shouldn’t differ much from the light class. Will add this tonight.

Is it correct that you’re lacking ZHALights and ZHAOpenClose?

From a sensor point of view ZHATemperature, ZHALightLevel, ZHAOpenClose and all the CLIP - things are missing (in my library as well)

For me it’s important with following sensors :


For lights :

Color temperature light
Dimmable light
Extended color light

Also for me its important that all events from sensors come as events since it’s easier to include them in automation, it’s fine if a entity is created for each sensor and that is also updated since that can be used in different scenarios in automation and/or in the HASS UI.

All above are available in my module and works but be nice to have those in this custom module before i can use it. I have a big network of 56 nodes containing IKEA, Osram, Philips and Xiaomi devices.

I can understand that. Shouldn’t be much work with the sensors. Are the CLIP-devicetypes directly translatable as ZHA-devices? E.g. Are the CLIPSwitch the same as ZHASwitch with same parameters and structure, just with a different name?

Yes as far as i know, i have used them as a switch which gives an event. I have mostly used them in test when i developed the custom module so i can test without using a real switch.

Aah, so they’re virtual sensors? Is support for them really necessary then?

Hard to say really, i norder to get the answer for this we need to dig more in what CLIPSwitches are used for but i think they usually get used to have a sensor in deconz that can be updated thru rest api and i think some uses them extensively for all sort of things. See here :

quick question - when you have the number in brackets, what do they represent?

They represent the version for as far as I know.
Copied them from the Deconz github page.

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So I added the other sensors and groups to the component. I just forgot to put them in the function which creates the sensors… Easy fix though.

So i’d like to give it a spin in a test docker container, how do i get this down ? Do i just handpick the files and then copy them over or what’s the easiest way also so i can update later easy when you do changes in order give feedback.

Yeah exactly, all you need is the files. Another guy tried it out last night and that was all he needed to do.