Config backup portability

Are Home Assistant backups portable between supervised and unsupervised? EG if I switch from Home Assistant OS to Home Assistant docker image running on Unraid, will everything work? Any ‘gotchas’ to be aware of?

The backup function is a feature of supervisor. (so right there that means you can’t RESTORE to any version that does not have the supervisor) The dev team later added the ability to make a backup of Core without supervisor. (reference: Restore from Backup on New Installation - HA Core - #3 by CentralCommand)

backups from Core - RESTORED to Supervised or HAOS should work
Backups of Supervised restoring to HAOS work (This is in fact how I migrated my Supervised install to HAOS)
Backups of HAOS restoring to Supervised work.

You cannot RESTORE Supervised or HAOS backups to core or docker because of the aforementioned missing supervisor but you can extract the relevant files (it’s a TARball) and manually put them in your core or container install.

Ah, so I guess that’s partly why some people go for the option of running a VM instead, because it allows supervised mode?

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or HAOS - yes.

My main motivation is that I’ve read several posts saying that things have run a lot smoother on more powerful hardware, than the pi4. I tend to find that there’s occasional lag on my pi4 - eg delay between pressing a zigbee button and the resulting action, so am considering options such as putting HA on unraid, or maybe a mini PC with a celeron processor.

Fine - do so - I’m probably moving from a Pi4B to a NUC later this year. But that NUC will also run HAOS. So backup and move.

If you’re on something that is virtualizing your install or containerized in some way you’re doing the ‘work’ the supervisor does so you need to get used to that maintenance. If that’s the way you want to go thats fine - but it’s the tradeoff… You’ll also lose addons if you go away from HAOS or Supervisor, so you need to plan for that as well.

Personally, I have better things to do with my time than to also maintain a virtual infrastructure for my home automation. I do that all week long, I don’t also want to do it on the weekend. HAOS with a few addons is perfect.

Now as to your speed issue - explore what is causing it before you invest money in hardware. There’s a LOT of moving parts. It could be latency in your Zigbee mesh, the stick, etc. Just make sure it’s the hardware before you throw more hardware at fixing the issue.

The idea of running it on Unraid is really just because I have that hardware already, so there’s no cost. Although I get what you’re saying about additional ‘work’. The VM would at least allow supervised, which would be better than the docker option I guess.

But I should maybe look at NUC. I didn’t realise that could run HAOS - is there a guide / list of compatible hardware? Sounds like a good option - if I can keep it HAOS but with more oomph, I’ll definitely go that way.

My current stack is zzh USB stick, with zigbee2mqtt, and I have enough wired zigbee devices to make the map look pretty well connected, to my eyes at least.

Not particularly, but your Average NUC running any of the current gen processors - will smoke that Pi in performance. Pretty much any you can lay your hands on that can load the generic x86 image for HAOS will run fine. Just figure out where you’re going to put the money.

HAOS isn’t particularly memory bound, you just need to give it ‘enough’ It’s not processor bound either, my Pi generally runs at less than 20% proc and I have 4 addons including Node Red on the same chassis.

For me - Im investing in storage. I have a pretty elaborate energy monitoring setup now, and I want to play with those statistics. Even tuning down and purging recorder and history my DB is multiple gigs and my backups are multiple tens of gigs. So I’ll be looking for good quality M.2 SSDs that can tolerate the DB writes.

That sounds like a lot of data points being recorded!

On the subject of monitoring resources, how are you getting to the 20% CPU figure? I should probably be checking that out to see just how hot-or-not mine is running…?