Configura Aqara Hub as alarm?

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Hi everyone,

Currently I’m migrating from Aqara homekit to HomeAssistant in combination with my Deconz Conbee II
Now the challenge is to get my Aqara Hub to Home Assistant, but don’t know how.

Its a while ago that I was busy with this, but what I would like is to create flows from Home Assistant for several devices which are connected to the Conbee USB as I have also Ikea lights.

The Aqara hub must be used as an alarm system, so when I leave home, I can enable the alarm, by any detection or movement the alarm goes on and I will receive a notification.

Now I don’t know if this is possible?
When I add the Homekit option to home assistant will it be possible to create this?

From here I can read the following:

ery simple. Please config as @sergeymaysak tell above.

  • you CAN add your aqara hub (and all its bridged accessories) to home assistant using homekit controller component ( )
  • todo so you need to remove your hub from home app (if its already added to it)
  • make sure you use PIN of your aqara (8 numbers) hub in configure action as XXX-XX-XXX format otherwise it does not work
  • however please note that on the date of posting HA ver. 0.91.0.dev0 does not have support for aqara mini switches and for aqara contact sensors. it supports hub/ its light/security system and temp/humidity sensors for now.

Is this an option which I can use?
My apologies for asking this as I’m in the middle of movement with my house and don’t have the Aqara hub unboxed yet from my old house.


Aqara hub has been added via the Homekit Controller, but someone knows how the alarm exactly works?