Configure ABB IPS/S3.1.1 in ETS6

Hi there,

I’d like your advice on setting up a basic KNX interface.
I had some KNX devices I would like to repurpose and for that I wanted to control a number of KNX actuators through an ABB IPS/S3.1.1 IP interface.

In ETS6, I did a basic setup with building/floor/room/cabinet/…
In there I added the ABB IPS/S3.1.1 IP interface (which had the ip address from my DHCP server:
The IP Interface is powered via PoE.


When making any type of connection to the IP Interface or downloading my settings using this device, I get this error.

However the IP Interface is recognized as a Bus interface


Any help would be appreciated.

Hi :wave:!
Have a look in the manual of the interface has some kind of web Ui. Some have and you could see what is using its tunnels.

Other than that, reset it to factory defaults, don’t set a specific IA in ETS and stop all other software that may connect to it (HA knx Integration, NodeRed, etc).

If none of that helps, you can have a look at what is going on with Wireshark using the kip display filter.

Oh, and try to load the interfaces application first, before you use it to download any other devices application or settings.

Thank you for your suggestions.
As the IPS/S3.1.1 has no web UI I first tried to reset the device.
Which I believe was successfull as before the name of the device was blank. Now it says IP Interface as it should (mentioned in the docs)

In ETS6 when trying to set my connection to this specific device in steaf of using the auto detected one (which is the same)
I get this:

In wireshark this looks like:

However I havent been able to use the kip filter, only filtered on ip address.

Awkward. Have you tried to contact ABB support?


is there a solution?
I have the same Problem.


The Solution is to connect the KNX + & - to an KNX powersupply AND to connect the power of the IP-Interface over a second Powersupply (it can be a simple one with 12V-30V you don’t need a second KNX Powersupply) or you can use the PoE connection.