Configuring Home assistant with Danfoss thermostat


im a new user to home assistant, but have been lurking for a while looking at zwave and home atuomation in general.
I have a netatmo, and recently a friend gave me a few Zwave modules, and i decided to try and stitch it all together with Home assistant.

One of the things i got, was a Danfoss living connect Z (014G0012).
I have installed home assistant on a raspberry pi 2 with the all in one installer.
I have a USB zwave pen, (Aeonlabs gen 5)
Now i know that some of the danfoss thermostats doesnt completely play nice with the Zwave protocol, but from what i can gather this thermostat should be ok.

Ive paired the device, and can see it in home assistant.
I can also set the target temperature.
My config is:

  • platform: netatmo
  • platform: zwave

Which gives me the thermostat in home assistant.
Now i can automate to it, for example (this doesnt trigger though but if i trigger it in hand it works):

  • alias: Turn on Heater at 8pm
    • platform: time
      after: “08:55:00”
    • service: climate.set_operation_mode
      entity_id: climate.danfoss_z_thermostat_heating_1_4_1
      operation_mode: Heat
    • service: climate.set_temperature
      entity_id: climate.danfoss_z_thermostat_heating_1_4_1
      temperature: 28

So now, as far as i can gather there are no thermometer within the thermostat.
This is confirmed when looking in the home assistant interface where the current_temperature field is set to NULL.
I am guessing a need to “pair” this up with the netatmo thermometer.
But i cannot figure out how to do it, if its even possible.

I been trying things like:
current_temperature: ‘{{ states.sensor.netatmo_indoor_temperature.state }}’
friendly_name: Sovevaerelse
target_sensor: sensor.netatmo_indoor_temperature

Which i have a feeling is not the right syntax, and probarly a goose chase and not what is passed back to the Thermostat to make a decidition whether to turn up or down.
But rather the interfaces representation.

Ive also had a go at the “generic thermostat” but couldnt make that work either.

So any pointers would be nice!

TL;DR: can get a danfoss thermostat into home assistant and control it, but not figure out how to pass back the temperature from another sensor.


You can use this script if you have a temperature sensor in the room Update current temperature for Z-Wave thermostats

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