Configuring ikea switch to handle wled light

I’m trying to figure out how to make automations that emulate the way the IKEA controller works on IKEA lights.
The simple one is of course the middle button, that will toggle the light, and that works.
But how do I make an automation that dims the light 10% per click for the ‘brightness’ buttons, and how do I make the ‘arrow’ buttons change between colours in a range?

I found this page but that seems to get very complex if I have more than one light, 4 automations, and 4 scripts per light.
I know it’s written for the z-wave, but I guess I can use the same methods for zigbee.

Secondly the ‘colors’, I guess I can make a script that goes through an array, and just set’s colours stored in the array? I have no idea on how to do that right now.

Finally the ‘effects’ is the effects even settable through the integration?

Do you use DeCONZ or ZigBee2MQTT?
I’m asking because I created an app available in HACS for DeCONZ that allows smooth dimming with long press/release of a button and more and I could probably easily extend this app to include the color changing. Currently it says that it’s only for the Hue Dimmer switch, but adding other remotes is relatively easy (doing this right now for two other remotes and will merge it to the app once I get positive feedback from the testers)
Some other guy created an app available in HACS for ZigBee2MQTT, which I think supports the color change already.



Regarding this app, it currently supports zigbee2mqtt, but I have been working to give support to deConz as well. The code for deConz is currently on development and waiting to get some feedback. Some day this week I will release the latest code. As @Burningstone says, it now supports color changing for light controllers and lights that work with xy color.


You guys are the greatest! Thankyou @Burningstone and @xaviml!
Sorry for being unclear, I’m using conbee. I did consider the zigbee2mqtt, but I had to give up, sorry! :slight_smile:

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If you would like to use my app, you can send me a PM with the button codes and their meaning, something like:

1002:      short_press_on_button
1003:      long_press_on_button

Then I can provide you something to test pretty soon. Once the basic functionality works with your remote, we can tackle the color changing next.

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Wow, great, I’ll do that, thankyou @Burningstone

In answer to the effect
in the lovelace UI no not even the speed show’s up just the details down the botton in the more-info
through service call you can set all
it seems you have to setup it up with MQTT to have a proper Ui Card with effect and speed list that you can select in the UI.

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Thankyou @Harry13.

Controls for things like speed on WLED will be added to ha soon. I’m awaiting an change in HA itself before doing that.

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Thanks Frenck
Cause I’m not a fan of MQTT.

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@frenck @fribse
WLED Effects are here in 104.1


but no speed


WLED effects where already part of the initial release and not introduced in 0.104.1

i swear they were there before.
i’m loosing it then

i do have another question for you
why does my existing deconz integration keep dropping after a complete system reboot
i have to delete what is there and configure the newly discovered one, but its always the same gateway ID
i’m probably going to answer my own question, i don’t think i disabled the modemmanger
i did enable the dialout user

I don’t know to be honest.