Conigurable colours in History graphs

It would be nice to be able to optionally set color representation of different states on History page. Now the colours are, probably, auto generated, but I would like to assign colors to states.

And yes, I guess that there can be lot of colors for states pre-configured:
on/off - green / gray
above/bellow horizont = yellow-orange / gray

As a UI designer, I can help with this… but I’m Python newbie, ssry

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If not fully configurable, at least it would help having colors generated from content, so they’re consistent. For example, location history should show “Home” and the rest of locations always in the same color. Right now, it seems color assignment is somewhat random between executions.


Yes please!! Even if it just assigned the same colour to stuff in the same position in each graph. E.g. the first entry is always blue, the second always red etc. Should be very simple.

No kidding. Many of mine are currently orange and green. Really sux for someone with red-green colorblindness.

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Yes please. Configurable graph colors.

Yes please!

Yes please!

Any update on this?

Custom colors for states would be nice too, for example my phone tracker “away” is blue “home” is purple, but for my roomate’s phone “away” is purple and “home” is blue. Very confusing.

Same with graphs, it would be nice to color code the sensors by rough location in the house (front/back, which end, etc)

This would be a wonderful addition!

Yes please!

Same here, i would like this feature too! I have problems with my occupancy sensors, the colors are inverted and I cant change them.

I would like this too.

I know it’s a slightly different request, but I hope it’s ok to mention it here. If there is an existing issue/request that I’m aware of, I’d happily go support it or create a new, separate request: It would be great to be able to map state names too. I’ve been trying the custom mini-graph-card and I love it for numerical purposes, but I don’t think it works that well for binary or categorical sensors.

I’m actually considering writing a custom card and would preferably like to extend the current implementation to avoid duplicating too much code. I need to learn how the framework works. If anybody is reading this: I haven’t come across custom cards where an existing card is extended. I think it should be possible using js mixins, but I won’t know until I’ve worked through the docs and examples.

My use case is that I have the same appliances on history graphs on both my Energy page and my Appliance page, on one the washer is red, on the other blue - need consistency between the same sensors on different graph cards.

You can set line_color – which can be a list for multiple entities.

Thanks Pieter, I’ll investigate that.

Where do you mean exactly @parautenbach? Tried setting in for the whole card and also for each entity and it doesn’t do anything.

Apologies for the confusion caused. I don’t know where my mind was when I wrote that. I said it in context of using the custom mini graph chart and must’ve misread the post before that one.

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Try Apex charts as an alternative.

Would like this

This has been awful for a very long time. I struggle seeing thin red lines on a green background. PLEASE MAKE A CONFIGURABLE COLOUR PALETTE FOR THE FRONT END!!!