Connect a remote USB device to HA over IP / Ethernet


I’ve searched but haven’t seen any good response.

I have a USB device (AD2USB for ademco alarm panel).
I can’t connect it’s USB to my HA as it is remote.
I do have it connected to a RPi, which is on the same network as the HA device.

Any thoughts?


What I have:

Ademco Vista - connected to
NuTech AD2USB - connected to
RPi 3B+ - connected to
Local ethernet - connected to
HA running on RPi 4 B

Oh, and all systems are Linux based. Main PC and Security gateway all Linux / Ubuntu

AD2USB appears as a serial port, right? just use ser2net to forward it over IP.


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Yep - it’s been so long since I used the AD2USB I just plain forgot it is a USB “serial” device.


I’m Back!

Everything seems to be working well with one exception.
I can not seem to get socat to create a usable virtual tty. I have tried many options, with the following making the most sense:

socat pty,link=/dev/ttyVNET0,raw,group-late=dialout,mode=660 tcp:192.168.1.x:8246

Any thoughts?

Some additional info: I can create the device /dev/ttyVxxx. I then use minicom to connect to the device. As soon as I connect and send data, the device disappears. The device created is a link to /dev/pts/x where x does have the correct “persmissions” crw-rw–r- 1 root dialout