Connect KNX/Zennio hub to Home Assistant

I am using a knx hub with a screen for my home, but I can’t seem to connect it to Home Assistant. I am using the Z41 pro touchscreen, the local IP is “”. It has a remote app called “Zennio Remote”. Can someone help me please?

Hi :wave:!
Does this device provide a proper Knx ip tunneling server (or does it support Knx ip routing)? Can you connect from ETS?

Hi farmio!
I don’t know how to connect it to ETS. I tried already but it didn’t work. Auto discovery didn’t find it and manually it didn’t work.

And how do I figure out if it’s a tunneling server or routing?

Thank you

Well, sounds like it just isn’t any of both.
If you have a plain normal network setup (multicast working, nothing firewalled from inside) ETS (or HA) would most likely detect the interface or in every case be able to connect to it.

How was that installation provisioned in the first place? Did you do it yourself?

No, it was preinstalled by the company that build the home. I think this is the hub.

You should be able to use this thing to connect HA and/or ETS.

KNXnet/IP tunneling protocol (up to 5 connections)

I can’t connect it. Maybe because that is the IP adress of the panel and not the hub. How can I find the IP adress of the hub?

Maybe in your LAN routers web interface? I don’t know :person_shrugging:

Ok yes! It was connected trough a weird network transmitter so my network couldn’t detect it. Now it detects it, but how do I import all my devices? Because on ETS I don’t have anything

There is no device import feature. It’s currently configured via yaml. See the docs KNX - Home Assistant