Connecting Heat Detector to Z-Wave Relay: Possible?

I saw a customer’s review about the Z-Wave Smoke Detector that the customer wants to use it for a garage that the smoke detector is not designed for, but I could not find a Z-Wave heat detector that’s suitable for the location.

Thought I’d ask Z-Wave in Twitter but they want me to contact their customer support…

…so I left them a comment in Amazon.

I actually did a search for an interconnected Z-Wave smoke detector in Google even though a reviewer wants a heat detector for the garage and I found this:

Which got me thinking though, can a heat detector be hooked up to an I/O controller?

And if it’s possible, can Home Assistant be tricked into thinking that a relay is a heat detector? A reviewer might be using SmartThings or something else but I only have a Z-Wave USB Stick and Home Assistant and that’s about it.

Or are there any interconnected Z-Wave smoke detects that allow non-Z-Wave heat detectors to be hooked up to them?

I want to go out of my way to help other reviewers, so that’s the best I can do.

Update: Few minutes later…
Nevermind with the Z-Wave I/O Dry Contact Relay. The input is only for DC and it won’t be suitable for heat/smoke detectors.

Should have done a quick search with the word “smoke” in Customer Questions and Answers section before I thought about it.