Connection refused after restoring backup, no errors, samba working

I ran into this and wanted to share this. Might also be something worth trying:

If anyone is moving from RPi to a NUC using a snapshot, I advise you to delete the home-assistant_v2.db file and let hassio rebuild a fresh database after restore/transfer.

Reference: My steps to success for on Intel NUC - #197 by Rorschach-x

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Actually using NOOBS to install Raspian looks like the way to go. My SD Card should arrive today & my Pi tomorrow.

I hope this will be more stable than running HassOs in VirtualBox on a laptop. The HassOs VM images are all 64-bit. I think Raspian is 32-bit. That should help things/

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Aren’t you going to install the Hassio image directly on the SD card?

I’ve a few other Raspberries with Raspbian installed (manually installing Raspbian Stretch is also very easy!). I think Raspbian is not a very good base because you’re then running Hassio on top of another OS. In case of a PC/laptop/NUC you’ll have plenty of resources left. In case of a raspberry you might waste quite a lot of resources. You’ll also need to make scripts that automatically execute the Hassio program when starting up Raspbian, or you’ll need to manually start the script every time your Raspberry reboots.

Do you have a reason choosing for Raspbian?

Installing HassOS is installing docker containers on a base OS that currently appears to not be stable. I am currently running HassOS directly in VirtualBox. Although I am running the 64 bit version, I understand the 32-bit version has its challenges too.

I like some of the Hassio Addons. I have been a Unix administrator so Linux is not very daunting to me.

It appears the RPI group recommends NOOBS & Raspian. It there any better Linux distribution for RPI? I will not really need the bloat of a desktop environment.