Constant Apple Login

Has anyone else experienced constant Apple Logins. I’m talking probably 1-3 times an hour? This started after I update HA about 2 versions back. Idk if it’s the icloud tracker from HACS or the IOS integration from HASS itself.

I’m looking for what I can do to try and track this problem because it’s driving me crazy.

Now that you mention it, yes!

I started seeing multiple logins after upgrading to 2022.3.8. I’m not seeing them as frequent as you. I see them 3 or 4 times a day.

I timed it this evening and I’m seeing it every 30 minutes on the dot.

Where are you seeing the logins (so I can check)?

I get a popup on my phone telling me there is a login, from where, and then shows me the 2FA number. That’s why I was hoping to find a way to monitor Home Assistant and correlate the times and application. Next one I get I’ll screenshot.

Like @martoq, I’m receiving an email from Apple indicating a login to my Apple account. I’ve had a look through the logs but don’t see what’s initiating the login call.

The integrations installed on HA that may be causing this issue are HomeKit Controller, HomeKit Bridge and the iCloud3 integration from HACS. Upon the next warning, I’ll try match up which integration is making a call for login then reply here.

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Yeah OK. I don’t see that. Just constant reminders that my apple id is required to be re-entered. Sometimes 10 minutes after successfully entering it, and no I don’t want to turn on Apple’s 2FA so stop asking.

I do have Home Assistant multi-factor auth enabled though.

I had the same problem with icloud integration. I remove it. no more “apple login 2FA”


For anyone who finds this thread, not sure what has changed but this has seemingly stopped. No changes were made and the root cause was not discovered.

For anyone using the default icloud integration; I would recommend switching to the iCloud3 custom integration. Better accuracy and less battery drain.


I’ve had three alerts over the past twelve hours. Which version of HA are you running?

I was running HA 2022.4.5 until a few minutes ago. Just updated to 2022.4.6. I have to wait and see if that changed anything.

FYI: I’m not using the iCloud integration. I’m using iCloud3 from HACS.

I just want to say I have the same issue. It gets REALLY annoying sometimes. I usually get one every morning since I’m running Unraid so CA Backup runs nightly then it stops/starts the HA container. Sometimes though it happens more frequently.