Constant updates, skip option

I wouls like to see an option to skip an esphome update, for there are so many and sometimes the update is so minor.
Reasons for wanting to be able to skip a few is:

  • The constant reminder on my dash is ugly and it feels like something needs to be done to HA

  • Updating 50 or more ESPHome nodes I run in my setup takes hours, 2 to 5 minutes per node, so would be nice to turn the frequency of minor updates low.

  • Burning flash memory of the nodes, a constant rewriting is not in the best interest of the esp nodes, this wear could be minimized by lesser and more meaningful update, like once every month or so.

  • you can not spot important issues under the header “Settings” if there is a mention of 50+ already number 51 could be an update of an important HA thing.


finally someone creates a topic for this :wink:
I was wondering if I was the only one having those questions,.
also if an ESPhome update is pending individual updates should be ignored as they better wait for the esphome update.

I’m not sure what the right approach would be, be as it is now it’s not ideal.

I btw found that if you make a change in the yaml, and update in updates the yaml change will be applied, which is a good thing in my opinion.
still, I don’t think my esp devices will survive long if I flash them at every update. (point 3 of your bullet list)


you can vote HERE, there’s already a request for this.
I agree, it’s one of more “stupid” things guys from HA did… If we just take into account latest 2023.2: today it would be third time we should update all our esp’s in 2-3 days… like i have the time to spend 2-3+ hours just for that each day…

But, a solution is to disable all entities with “*firmware” in esp modules. That way all update notes from esp’s will be gone.

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Did vote for this situation is not ideal!

And i found out it updates in the background, so I did not do the ESPHome update this time, for I had done one 2 days ago, but came home and the update had been done automatically… thus in my settings menu happily greeted me with 50 plus devices to update what I wanted to prevent or skip.

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I would really like to have a option to limit the update notifications for esphome nodes in HA to the ones with security vulnerabilities only :lock_with_ink_pen:


I don’t have nearly as many ESPHome devices as some people, but I strongly agree. The number of updates and the notifications is all just a bit too much.

It would be nice to know that an update is available, but that I don’t need to press the button.

Now I understand what the op is saying. It is annoying to see the bubble popups.

I’m obviously missing something. Where are the bubble pop-ups? I get the little number next to the Settings menu option. And in the ESPHome add-on, I see each device shows “update available” in the box for that device, but no pop-ups.

Is this something new in HA 2023.02? I’m still on 2022.01.

I get the little number next to the Settings menu option.

Yea, that is what I meant. I call them bubbles with xx #.

No bubble notification is needed. You know if there’s an update by setting esphome addon to manual update. Then you know when it’s update, since you updated esphome adddon (manually) , right?
You can also see if there’s update for esphome by simply clicking on esphome addon and see blue stripes. Having bubble number only distracts and, as i already said, important updates are then “lost in space” among tons of messages. Remember: too many messages is never a good idea and tends to make people to ignore them…


OK, I get different results here on 2022.1.7.

I got the “bubble” with the number (2) in it next to settings. One for HA 2022.2.x, and one for ESPHome. I clicked Skip for ESPHome and now it only shows one. So far, so good.

When I go into the ESPHome add-in, I get “Update Available” on each of my three devices. Again, as expected.

Are you saying that has changed in 2022.2.x, such that all the individual devices show up in the bubble? That would certainly be a change for the worse.

HA 2023.02 Release Notes: Now even tighter integrated with ESPHome

Thanks! I didn’t connect “update entities” with the notifications, but now it makes sense. In that I understand what they mean, not why they’d do something like that!

I have only 12 active ESPHome devices but I agree that having a HA update notification for every ESPHome update feels like overkill to me. I would find it useful if we could set it to trigger only for the first monthly update rather than every point update that follows.

3rd this month. my finger is itching but I will resist

I must have a few thousand flash cycles left

I should start to count

Question. If I “skip” an update, does the device catch up when I update after a few updates have been skipped? I.E., are the updates cumulative?

I agree. This is what “Show All Updates” does here:

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Looks a lot like my situation :sweat_smile:

I’m going to say “yes.” At least, in my experience.

Where I’d get worried is with “breaking changes.” In other words, things which work in one version but not in the next. Fixing the odd change here and there isn’t too hard, but I imagine if you let a lot of them accumulate it’s going to be a nightmare to recover.

Mostly this would be an issue with HA itself, not ESPHome. Especially lately, with Recorder database changes. I don’t know how HA would deal with skipping several of those.

For ESPHome, the risk appears very small. I don’t see a lot of things going obsolete, or lots of re-arranging of deck chairs like we see with HA. I’ve seen reference to folks who go a long time without updating ESP devices. There’s some logic to leaving things alone if they’re working.