ESPHome Addon: option to skip "auto-update" a device

Having a lot of devices in esphome. When using the “update all” button I would like to be able to have a selector per device to be excluded from these auto updates.

I have some devices which “break” when they are updated to a newer version of esphome and I would like them to be excluded form auto updating.

Please add such an option.

Would be great, I do have the same “problem”. ESPHome can’t compile all devices on ARM.
I do have one device, with need’s compiled at a x86 cpu. I’d like / need to exclude this device.

Stop updating.
The devices work and they are on your local network and have no need for internet.
So why update them?
It’s s most likely not a security patch since they don’t have internet access.
(Or you could block them from internet on the router)

The only time I update is if I need to make a change on the device, but if I had the option to compile on the same version it’s already on then I would do that.

Then that means you want to have the option as well but opt all out by default.

Well kind off…

Would also be nice to NOT update devices that are offline anyway. Manually excluding them from the update would be the second best option.

I’d rather have an option to “ignore all updates” for a device. Currently devices I don’t want to update, like the WLED-reactive devices, constantly come up after every update. Other devices, like the Unifi wifi, I’d rather update at a certain time etc. That might be another feature request, actually, to auto-update at certain times. Might be feasible with automation. In any case, I’m going off, the feature “ignore all updates” please :slight_smile:

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There is ota: component in ESPHome for over the air updates. By default ota: is included in every code. I assume, if I comment out #ota, updates will not work?
Never tested it.

Correct, but you can also just disable the update entity in HA.

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I disabled update entity for one of my ESPHome device. Why I still have ‘update available’ for this device after todays ESPHome update?

that’s an update button… not the update entity. Also, that’s not home assistant, (where the update entity is disabled), that ESPHomes interface.

Sorry, you are right, it’s button.
Do you mean, I can disable update.esphome_update, but this way I disable update for ESPHome addon, for all my ESP devices?
I need to keep only esp32-1-wire device not updated. All other my ESPHome devices must update when available.

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