Constant updates, skip option

Once a month is OK, but 50 ESPHome devices every few days is too much.

I used to ignore updates until I did get hit with a breaking change in the interim. It broke a lot of things that took me a couple of days to recover. Since then I update HA every month.

I can see how some people need the daily updates to fix an issue, but there has to be a better way for those of us with 50 or more devices to manage updates. Maybe, a “breaking changes” flag? Give us the option to ignore updates that do not have the “breaking changes” flag set.

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Once the device itself is working there is no reason to update at all (barring a very very unlikely update to fix a security hole and you haven’t isolated your ESP device from the internet, etc). The device won’t just stop working because the ESPHome app has been updated.

A fix needed for running the existing device in a later HA update is more likely. But I almost never update my ESPHome devices and I’ve yet to ever encounter that situation.


I would also like to see the ability to “Select ALL” and then skip in the Settings page in HA. It could also be located I the ESPHome Add-in interface. But I have 58 devices, and I can skip them one by one, but it’s a PITA.


There is one other little thing, I am wondering, and that is… I got the feeling that updates often get bigger, so when you use simple esp8266 devices from old, the free flash memory gets less and less, plus the update times get longer and longer to flash and compile.
This could also be due to wear on the part of the flash but not sure.
So yes a monthly update or a breaking news update flag, meanwhile please make it so that you can delay, skip or postpone the nodes update by a simple click, so that the settings menu in HA does not get flooded, that way I could miss important HA updates too.

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All good suggestions. But I keep coming back to the fact that this is a new “feature.” In other words, the developers thought it would be a good idea to add all these update entities for ESP devices to HA.

It would be nice if someone could explain the logic behind that decision. Maybe it was needed/wanted for some reason. I could live with that. Or maybe it just wasn’t fully thought through, and the development team could revisit that decision. I’d certainly be OK with that, too.

In the mean time, I wonder if it would be possible to have HA disable, exclude or otherwise ignore the new ESP device “update entities” which were added in the last version.

No, we don’t have to fix working nodes, but seeing this every few days is crying for better end-user control.

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I tend to agree to the request.
But if you just disable the update sensor it will disappear from the notification area :thinking:.
It will still say “update available” in esphome, which is how i want it :wink:.

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They explain a little bit in the release party.

As Lao you say. The update gets bigger but as esphome only includes the part you need for the build it actually shouldn’t. But I haven’t compared the sizes.

Still storage wearout remains an issue. And also devices failing after update. I always update having in mind that I might need to serial flash if it fails. Running updates blind is just too risky. At least for esp86.

I agree with that.

strangely I have a bunch of ESPHome devices that I know for a fact that aren’t on the latest ESPHome version (they are all on 2022.9.x) and I haven’t seen any update notifications pop up on my system for them. I’m on the latest version of HA as of yesterday.


@finity What about your ESPHome version?
A while ago ESPHome changed to a core-addon; it won’t update automatically.
Easiest is to just delete your current add-on, and re-install it (don’t worry about loosing data; as it is stored outside the container you won’t loose any data)

I don’t run the ESPHome add-on (I run HA Container so no add-ons) but I have ESPHome version 2022.12.x in a Docker container so it’s definitely not the latest.

Do the update notifications need the latest ESPHome too?

Hang on a sec…

Does that explain this?


So I can remove my add-on, delete the repository


and then reinstall ESP Home?

And I will lose nothing?



Ofc you can always create a full backup…just in case :wink:

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I wasn’t able to test this because I haven’t updated to 2022.2.x yet, but @petro confirmed that this can be done in another thread. Thanks!!


thnx, just disabled them
search for “_firmware”, this makes a nice selection.
I already ignored them all, So I think I have to wait for the next ESPhome update to see if this works

I also confirmed it in this post here :grin:

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Sorry, I missed that. I hereby give you credit as the first to confirm. Thank you!

Can’t wait to try it myself. Not because having to work around a poorly implemented change is a good thing. Just because now I’m curious to see both the problem, and the workaround, in action. And, it’ll be a good reminder why I resist the temptation to jump on every new version as soon as it’s released.

Just to clarify, this works for all update entities in HA. Not just esphome.

strangely I have a bunch of ESPHome devices that I know for a fact that aren’t on the latest ESPHome version (they are all on 2022.9.x) and I haven’t seen any update notifications pop up on my system for them.

If your devices are not setup for api, then you will need see the pop up. At least for my case, I have one esp device that isn’t using the api and no pop up bubble for this one. Everyone else, yes.

They all use the API.