Consumption of all appliances in the home

I read a while back that there’s a new technology
which allows you to measure the consumption of all the
home appliances by installing a single appliance
to the main breaker entrance to the house.
After a month of learning this technology
whose name I can’t remember (if someone can remind me)
recognizes all devices in the home and can
have consumption in time or statistics.

Is there anything that works with HOME ASSISTANT?


I’m refferring to Nilm Tecnology.
i found only this
NILM Please! - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (
Somenthing new?

In order to identify your appliances based on the patterns / signatures of your power consumption at your main breaker, these types of solutions would require some cloud component one way or another, for AI computing power. The accuracy of those AI remains to be seen, but I can think of a couple examples:

  • Sense being the one focusing on ML / AI to recognize your appliances
  • Smappee Infinity - the company started with similar offering as Sense above, but is promoting EV charger and power management platform these days, targeting property and business owners.
  • There is was also Neurio. Wait - looks like it was acquired by a home/industrial gas-burning power generator company trying to go green, and the website is now gone. Wouldn’t touch this.

Don’t think there’s any new major player over last 1-2 years.
(There was also PowerX that was kickstarted but not shipping just yet. The company claims appliance recognition being one of its features. We will see.)

NILM you mentioned above is probably the closest you can get if you wish to roll your own ML (presumably) locally. However no HA integration just yet, it seems.

Another approach to do it is to track individual consumption at the breaker box - no ML involved. Most likely in the form of multiple CT clamps tracking different breakers for major appliances you wish to track (water heaters, fridge, AC, range, dryers, washers, etc.) all plugged into one hub, example: IoTaWatt, or something like Shelly Pro 4PM for inline tracking…
That said, I understand they are not exactly what you are asking.

Thank you very much… I think I’ll waiting for HA solution!

In the mean time, you can start with powercalc


I’m working on something in that direction, using ML.

But as I’m new to HA, I still don’t know exactly which way to go. Maybe integrate HA with a local application, or try something in the cloud…