Controlling a device that's only connected with Google Assistant

Hey guys,

Lets start with thanking the people of HA and all involved. Its so awesome! And it’s getting better every update.

Now for my question:

Ive searched quite a bit, and there are integrations available, but as far as I can see none of which are still maintained/updated.

What I want to do is control a TCL A/C (via automation), that’s already connected to Google Home.
The TCL A/C I have is a newer edition that uses the “Intelligent AC” APP.
A lot of people tried connecting the particular A/C to HA directly by reverse engineering the app etc, but as of yet nothing really works. ( [SOLVED: for local access]A/C app named TFIAC, anyone ever heard of it? - #57 by pyby topic says solved, but it continued with our problem)

Now Ive found Assistant Relay, but its not maintained anymore.

All I would like it to do is have HA turn on the AC when outside raises above x and turn off when drops below x.

So all it needs to send to Google Home is “ac on” or “ac off”, the rest I can do in HA.
Basically control a device that’s only connected through Google Assistant.

Thanks all.

No one knows?

You can probably take a look here

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Thanks a lot. I will look at this even I get home.