Controlling infrared panels

I am new here, so I need all the guidance I can get.

I am familiar with networks and currently have a dozen machines (servers, NAS, Raspberry Pis, etc.) running on two networks controlled by an Endian firewall. The firewall supplies IP addresses on one network to a couple of wired computers and all the Wifi devices connected by a wireless access point.

I plan to add a dedicated Home-Assistant machine that can connect to all the future Wifi devices (switches, plugs, thermometers). My first project is controlling a couple of panel heaters with Wifi plug switches and Wifi thermometers. Sounds simple, but I am getting bogged down in the explanations of configuration of all the various brands of plugs, switches and thermometers. There will be no remote connection, yet many of the device manufacturers seem to want you to use their cloud-based control.

The way I imagine it should be is that I sign in to a local website running on the Home-Assistant machine and, using a web interface, see the devices and their status using their IP addresses and then set interactions between them by writing some scripts – when temp drops below this, turn the heater on; when it reaches this temp, turn it off.

When I try to read the explanations on the H-A site I am confronted with “Integrations” – apparently ways to connect H-A with a myriad of brand-specific interfaces. I would like to apply the KISS principle here…


Don’t be intimidated, there are lots of helpful folks on this forum that already have :bow_and_arrow: in :peach: so you don’t have too. You get to find new arrows :wink:

You might read this thread, link below, and perhaps reach out to the original poster. Might give you some ideas.

Good hunting! Happy Holidays! and Good Home Automation success in 2024!