Controlling philips hue with knx

so i wont to be able to change a hue bulb from my knx.
i have mabe a scene in home assistant and it works i just need some help to figure out how to activate that scene with a switch from knx

thanks for the help

Do I understand you don’t know how to create an automation?

Maybe have a look at

its not so much about making the automation its more more how i activate a scene with a knx switch. do i have to have the switch set to ON/OFF or scene og something els and what do i have to do in file editor and stuff like that. thanks

I will assume you have the KNX switch in HA via

You then create an automation that triggers on the KNX switch and activate the scene.turn_on service call in the action.

Or better yet you listen to a knx_event - scene is stateless , switch has on/off so you would have to push twice for the next ON.

thanks i will try to make it work with the new information xD Thanks alot

There actually is a really good documentation, alas in German, regarding how to make it work. Once you understand the how, it is quite straightforward and simple. Check here:

That is about switching lights, with two automations per light (hue zone). He also has one for dimming with a blueprint, which only needs one automation per light (hue zone) I am running this, and it works fine, except for some reason my lights do not dim like I would expect them to (off switch get darker, on switch get lighter). There seems to be only one step, like 50%…

But you can switch the lights from the KNX switch. You can switch them from the hue app, and the switch will show it… very pretty.

Now I just need to find out how to use a smart switch to create colors :slight_smile: