Controlling Zigbee TRV via KNX is quite slow - how to improve?

Hi everyone,

after struggeling i finally managed to send a target temperature to my Zigbee TRV (Nedis ZBHTR10WT) via KNX wall switch.
Unfortunately the reaction time is very slow. When i set a new temperature on the KNX wall switch it takes up to 3s till the temperature is updated on the display.

For sending the target temperature from KNX bus to the TRV i used a blueprint i found.

Without the blueprint automation i can only read the target temperature from the TRV which is then send to KNX bus. This happens almost imediatly after changing temperature.

Now im wondering if there is there anything i can do to improve the reaction time?

    - name: "KNX_Test Heizung"
      temperature_address:  "1/3/2"
      target_temperature_address:  "1/3/0"
      target_temperature_state_address:  "1/3/1"
      setpoint_shift_mode:  "DPT9002"
      operation_mode_address:  "1/3/3"
      operation_mode_state_address:  "1/3/4"
      # setpoint_shift_address:
      # setpoint_shift_state_address:

    - entity_id:  climate.heizung_buro_thermostat
      attribute:  temperature
      address:  "1/3/1"
      type:  temperature

Thanks a lot for any advice

Can you elaborate what your installation looks like?

You are using a knx climate entity while you are saying the climate device is Zigbee. That seems odd.

Also how is the blueprint configured?

Hey there
I’m new to the homeassistant-universe.
I’ve got the same thermostats and am searching for a way to automate the target-temp like you described you’ve managed to “after struggeling”. Maybe you can tell me ways or hints how to get there.
I can’t find a entity to target.
I’m using Raspi 3 with hassio and sonoff Zigbee USB Stick.

sorry for the late reply. I’m a bit short on time these days.
I’m using a Raspi 4 and also the Sonoff Zigbee Stick. The TRV is integrated via ZHA. I tried MQTT but with MQTT i wasnt able to set operation mode thats why i switched to ZHA.
You are right, a KNX climate entity is actually superfluous, however, the blueprint seems to need two climate entities to work.
Anyway, I deleted everything again and only exposed the Zigbee thermostat to see on which part of the route it slows down. Even then though, the status change is very slow. So when I change the temperature on the Zigbee thermostat it takes several seconds until I can see the updated temperature on the display of the “Glastaster 2”.
Is it possible that HA only sends cyclically and not really imediatly when a status changes?

i am also new to the HA universe and rather not the one who can give helpful tips :wink:
i got it working but it runs rather bad because it’s just too slow. I hope that someone else has a great tip for us.

what have I done so far? I have the target temperature of the zigbee theromstat exposed to the KNX-bus (see above in my first post).

Then I added the linked blueprint and adjusted it according to my entities.

If you find out anything, please let me know

On the Knx side: no. Not if you used expose:. If you did some custom automation to send state updates there be dragons…

just to avoid misunderstandings: I have the impression that status changes are only transferred to the KNX bus after a fixed interval (3-5 seconds). Is that the case? If yes, can this interval be reduced?

No. knx: expose: and I think any other feature of the knx integration are sent to the bus immediately.
The only exception would be if you had a very unstable connection to your Knx Interface - but you’d see that in logs.

You mean something like “KNX bus did not respond in time (2.0 secs) to GroupValueRead request for: x/x/x” ?
I don’t have errors like that. Everything is connected via LAN at my home. To be sure i tried a different network switch but without any difference.
What makes me wonder is that if i set a new target temperature physically on the zigbee thermostat the temperature is updated imediatly to HA. So for me the connection Zigbee->HA is fine. The delay is somewhere on the route HA->KNX i guess.
EDIT: on the other hand there is no delay when i turn on/off my KNX-lights via HA. Thats a bit strange for me

@famawa i’m really interessted in your experiences!