Copy and paste with the system clipboard in SSH & Web Terminal Addon


I’m using the SSH & Web Terminal Addon from the community repository:

And I want to know how can I copy and paste with the system clipboard. Has anyone fighted with this before.

Thank you!


Hi! I’ve discovered this:

And now I’m able to paste the internal clipboard with Ctrl+A ]

But I don’t know how to copy the internal clipboard to the global clipboard. Anyone can help?


You got any solution for this. I am also not able to do copy+paste :frowning:


Not a complete solution. But if you connect by ssh from a terminal window you can go to Edit -> Select All and Edit -> Copy. Later you can paste it on a text editor and select the part you want.

Hope this helps you!

Hi. Just push SHIFT when selecting text. It will copy selected text to the system clipboard. Not sure this works in Web terminal, but ok when connecting using ssh client.


Shift while selecting works to copy.

To paste, use shift+insert.


Thank you guys! :smiley: @gostest @torbjornsk

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An old post, I know, but just to say thanks to @torbjornsk and @gostest - this has been driving me mad! My usual key combo’s or right click didn’t work :slight_smile:

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shift-insert for me doesn’t work (web version). The shift while selecting looks like it copies (the little scissors appears, which is weird in itself because it is copying, not cutting), but when I shift+insert, it inserts the previous thing I copied into the clipboard, not the current thing.

Not sure why this is so messed up. 99% of other editors get this right and do it in the standard way (right click, copy/paste).

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This is really annoying, but in addition to Shift-select, you also have to Shift-right-click to get to the mouse menu instead of the web menu.


Thanks, took me a minute to parse, but shift-select, continue holding shift and right-click->copy worked great for me from a Windows host in the web terminal add-on.

To paste what’s on the host clipboard to the current cursor in Terminal, just shift-right-click->paste.

Without the shift when right-clicking you get the very confusing terminal menu in the terminal along with the host right-click menu displayed above and neither seem to work.

I have a HA OS 11.4 installed on a Raspberry Pi 4B and I somehow can’t copy the result of Advanced SSH & Web Terminal 17.0.3 commands.
I am trying SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT but it does not work. Nothing is copied to clipboard.
What could I be doing wrong?

 Add-on version: 17.0.3
 You are running the latest version of this add-on.
 System: Home Assistant OS 11.4  (aarch64 / raspberrypi4-64)
 Home Assistant Core: 2024.1.2
 Home Assistant Supervisor: 2023.12.0

@Robinson74 me too. Occasionally it used to show the scissors . Now I cant find a way to copy from the terminal.

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This does not work in the web terminal, this is not the correct solution

I finally figured out how to get this to work:

Hold shift
left click and drag the text to copy keeping mouse button pressed
move the mouse to the left outside of the terminal window
release mouse button
A little scissor icon appears in the terminal window and the text is in your copy buffer.

This was not at all intuitive


This is simply a nightmare. litterally unusable.