Cover Moving State

my MDT KNX Actor supports a “moving state” address (Verfahrstatus DPT 1.008) and a separate “direction” address (Status akt. Richtung DPT 1.008) that aren’t covered in the cover integration

this leads to situations where the cover is moving in the UI but not in real life because eg. the cover might be locked.

is there any way to implement the moving state and moving direction address into HomeAssistant?

No that’s not supported.
HA also doesn’t have a concept of “locked” covers. See Add locked state to Cover · Discussion #545 · home-assistant/architecture · GitHub

Well a moving cover seems to be supported by Home Assistant. But not directly by the KNX Integration.
Here’s a screenshot of 3 covers in Lovelace with the last one moving up:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-27 um 18.15.22

Seems like it would need to be added to the KNX integration (?) - beyond the “run time” that’s currently supported…

The states opening and closing are already supported by the knx Integration. These extra group addresses you are talking about are not.

The moving direction is not necessary imho - it can be inferred by the previously received movement command.

"Is moving " is a little bit tricky. I’d prefer to have some “locked” state so we know to ignore incoming movement commands. We are currently looking into if this can be done by setting the entity “unavailable” - but I don’t know how automations would react to that. That way the HA ui would also reflect that the cover is currently not manually operational.

Be aware that the knx cover entity has to be compatible with a wide range of actuators, all providing slightly different functions and group objects we can use. On top of that it has to fit the HA cover entity model which lacks a “manually operational toggle” feature.