Create Alarm clock

Hi !

I’m trying to create an alarm clock which takes an input form a input_select as the time it should activate a function.

Furthermore I’d like if i had a input boolean which could turn it off.

But I don’t know how to make a trigger that triggers when the current time is equal to the input_select ?

My input select looks like this:

name: Set alarm
inital: “06:55”

  • “06:00”
  • “06:05”

Check this thread out:


Sorry for my late reply, but I’ve decided to make a custom_component, which does the job.
If anybody is interested I’ve uploaded it to github:
It is maybe not the most pretty code, but it works :smile:

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This alarm works great paired with Bob_NL’s Chromecast Audio “Residence Radio” project (released Feb '17). Sorry to revive this old thread, but just wanted to link the two to eachother.

If you want this alarm to run scripts rather than scenes, you can change its python script line 43 and 45 from “homeassistant” to “script”.